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100 Killer Coaching Questions - Never be Stuck for What to Say Again

100 killer coaching questions


It is very common and completely natural for new coaches to feel unconfident in their ability to get great results in their coaching sessions.

When I recently sent out a survey to my list the number one struggle new coaches are having appears to be around confidence and feeling ‘expert’ enough.

I watch many new coaches sit on the sidelines, waiting to feel confident, but the truth is you have to just get in the game and start.

You’ll never gain confidence without practice. It’s not possible.

I think the key reason new coaches don’t feel expert enough is because they are feeling responsible for the results their client gets and they are often comparing themselves to different experts in their field.

For example, a Health Coach can worry that she won’t get the results that a doctor might – but a health coach is meant to COACH – not be the doctor.

So how do you get in the game and start coaching BEFORE you feel ready?



The truth is that you don’t need many skills when you get started.

Your job is not to be perfect, it’s to be a coach - an incredible question asker and an incredible listener.

The truth is that as humans our true answers are already inside us. A coach’s role is to gently guide us to find our own answers. This is the power of coaching.

When a coach tries to fill every gap with ‘teaching’, tries to solve all of her client’s problems for her – she is in fact robbing the client of the true transformation available to her.

Coaching is about asking the questions, NOT having every single answer or the perfect solution.  Let the client have their own a-ha moments, rather than lecturing them or trying to be an expert on their life. That will exhaust you.

Do not try to rob your client of her own ‘a-ha’ by telling her everything you know – instead, master the art of asking questions and allow the magic of coaching to unfold.

Another trap is thinking that your life has to be perfect before you can coach. That’s a mistake.

Top athletes all have coaches, but their coach is not necessarily more advanced than they are… they just know how to COACH.

Of course, the key to doing this is having a powerful set of questions in your toolkit ready to go, so I have compiled a list powerful coaching questions for you to use in your coaching sessions.

It’s time to lean back and trust that you have everything you need to be a great coach – ask these questions, listen for the answers and allow your client the gift of a massive breakthrough.

Here are my top questions to ask during a coaching session. I encourage you to print them out and have them handy in your next session.

Download your 100 Killer Coaching Q's HERE


I'd love to hear how using the 100 Killer Coaching Q's helped your business. Share your experiences in the comments below and share which question provided the biggest breakthrough for you or your client.


Amanda xo


Mistakes Women Make When Setting ‘Masculine’ Goals’ - My Personal Process

Mistakes Women Make Setting Masculine Goals


If you are anything like me, you love a good goal.  Goals help us focus more clearly on our dreams and desires – the things we want to manifest into our lives and our businesses.

After all, setting goals is the key to success, right?

In my experience the answer is YES, however I have learnt a few secrets along the way – secrets to setting goals in a feminine way, rather than a masculine one.

Here’s a Hint: One of them is not ‘working hard’ in order for your goals to be met.

Wanna know how?

When I got home from a recent biz event in Austin I had two journals FULL of ideas.

When I looked at everything I’d written, I fell straight into overwhelm of what to do next. You know, the pressure of feeling it all has to be done NOW?



Here’s the process I went through to ease the overwhelm and get clear on my goals:


1.     I distilled my goals down to the top 5 (I normally recommend a maximum of 3 goals, but I really couldn’t decide, so I settled on 5 this time)

2.   Then I wrote each one as an ‘outcome goal’ – eg Hire 2 new team members

3.   I then wrote the key action steps under each (and put these into Asana)

Previously, this is where I would have stopped. This is where most women make their mistake when goal setting.

I would have started working like a mad woman to implement every step –to ‘push’ until they were all done.

Note:  I do still do this ‘masculine’ step first, but then I move to the second phase of my goal setting, which is the ‘feminine’ side.

4.     I look at each goal as ask myself ‘WHY do I want this goal?’, ‘What will it give me?’ 'How do I desire to FEEL?'

Here’s an example:

Masculine Goal: 2 new team members hired

Feminine Goal: To feel supported, receive relief, create more impact

5.     Now these desired ‘feelings’ are what I focus on each day in my meditation. I ask for support from the Universe to deliver my true desires via the masculine goal I have identified, and I always add, ‘or better’ when asking.

6.     AND I take massive inspired action from there. Once I'm clear on my desired outcome, it's amazing how new and inspired ideas come to me - and I take ACTION when they do!

This is what I call, ‘meeting the universe half way’:

·      being willing to ask for my true desires

·      trusting that I am being supported

·      listening for intuitive ideas that may arise, or ‘coincidences’ that turn up, and

·      equally showing up and doing the work as best I can myself.


Working in this way of mixing masculine and feminine in my goal setting, I believe, is one of my top secrets that helped grow a high 6 figure biz in a couple of years.

Tell me in the comments:  How could you reframe your current goals to meld together both the masculine and feminine aspects? If you took massive imperfect action on those goals right now, how would things look for you?

Amanda x


How PR changed my biz game and upped my expert status

How PR Change my Business Game

When I first started out as a new Health Coach, I noticed the same people seemed to get all the attention in the media. Their names consistently came up in places where I was hanging out online.

  • It seemed like every week they were showing up in a new place – interviewed on podcasts with thousands of listeners, quoted in top magazines, and guest blogging for the biggest online sites.

  • I’d see them announce in their email newsletter, “My new book just hit #1 on the bestseller list!”

  • Every time they opened up their signature group program for people to join, hundreds of people flocked to join on the very first day.

  • They would write a heartfelt, vulnerable post on Facebook, and within an hour 300 people had “liked” it or shared it.


On the one hand, I was happy for them, because I firmly believe in appreciating the success of others and seeing that what is possible for someone else is therefore possible for me.

And it’s great that people are doing meaningful work and getting attention for it. Everyone deserves to have the highest success when they are authentically sharing their gifts with the world and uplifting others.

But..... on the other hand, there was one thing that kept nagging at me…



I was ready to authentically share my message and my gifts, too!  

Deep down, I had always known I was meant to do something big; to touch lives and impact the world.

 But it felt like I was watching others shine while sitting on the sidelines.

 So I started taking PR seriously and took action to get the media’s attention.

My Health Coaching business was called Fuel Urban Wellness, and being featured in high-profile places was a game changer in getting clients and selling my Driven Woman’s Detox program, for example.

Having the media publish what I had to say gave me the credibility that I saw in the other health industry experts I was following.

As a new Health Coach, a small boost in your credibility can make all the difference in getting your business off the ground. PR is one of the best ways to do this when starting out.

Getting exposure on sites such as Mind Body Green, Tiny Buddha and Women’s Health & Fitness was a massive boost for my business. It was the start of me being seen as a true expert in the field of Health Coaching. 

And in my current business today, media has continued to play a part in my being seen as the go-to authority in my field.

My front page article in the Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne Age as a business mentor moved the needle forward MASSIVELY in my business.

The real thing to note is that getting 'visibility' as a Health Coach comes BEFORE you are already seen as an expert. In fact, getting exposure in these ways goes along way towards being positioned as an expert FAST - even if you are still a beginner. 



Is it your destiny to impact millions + change the world?

Is it Your Destiny to impact Millions and Change the World


You know those entrepreneurs everyone seems to be talking about? The ones who get mentioned in “Top 10” or “People to Watch” lists?

Who get interviewed on multiple podcasts (or they launch their own podcast and land on the New & Noteworthy list)?

Who get quoted in magazines, sell out their premium group programs, write bestselling books, and talk on big stages?

Sometimes you see these entrepreneurs, and you think, “How did they do it?”

Other times, you can’t help but think, “When is it going to be MY turn?”

The answer, is this –

They’ve figured out how to generate publicity and industry buzz.

The fact that you see them everywhere isn’t an accident.

It’s because they’ve carefully and strategically pursued opportunities that position them as top leaders in their industry.

Now your question has probably changed to, “How can I create buzz about MY work?”

The good news is, my friend Selena Soo, a brilliant publicity + business strategist, wants to help you with this.



Selena’s been endorsed by industry leaders like Marie Forleo, Danielle LaPorte, and Lewis Howes. She’s helped clients & colleagues land media appearances in Oprah Magazine,,, FOX, and more.

And she has just opened the doors to a brand-new program, where she’s pulling back the curtains on how to get the visibility opportunities you’ve always dreamed of.

It’s called…

IMPACTING MILLIONS: Reach more people. Change the world.

Today I am super excited to celebrate the launch of IMPACTING MILLIONS. Selena and I have been biz friends for years and although she has been part of my UPswing Mastermind program for a while, this interview is the first time we’ve hung out together online like this. I can't wait for your to watch this interview....

Pour yourself a cuppa, get comfy and enjoy the video below - together we're dishing out our insider tips on how to get visibility even as a Brand New health Coach! (We've never shared this together before)



IMPACTING MILLIONS is a 90-day online course where Selena teaches you how to connect with the media and land high-exposure opportunities.

You will learn how to get featured, published, and interviewed (so you can ultimately reach more people and impact more lives).

I respect Selena's work so much that I have joined Impacting Millions myself - in fact this course was designed for beginners just like you - but has attracted some of the industries top names to join already. This means you'll be short-cutting your way to an elite peer group and MASSIVE opportunities to leap from your business along the way.

And as a valued member of my community, if you choose to join Impacting Millions via the link below, you will get a BONUS 'PR for Health Coaches' group call with me where I'll be walking you through, step-by-step to how I got HEAPS of media attention in my first year as a Health Coach. 

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What I learnt from Oprah

What i learnt from Oprah


I took Natasha my assistant to Oprah Winfrey here in Sydney in December.

WOW – now Oprah is one BIG inspiration!!

What an honour to see her in person.

Watching Oprah share her life story, she reminded me of the truth that greatness happens to those who are the most unlikely candidates.

Like you and me, Oprah was not born into wealth or fame.

Instead, she learnt from an early age to listen to the whispers from the Universe. The little messages or signs that are guiding us all every single day – guiding us to the path we are born to follow.


Oprah shared one thing she knows for sure:

You are here for a reason. You are here, on earth, with a PURPOSE.   

And the Universe sends you signs – all the time!   

This has been my experience over the last 10 years in my life also…  

At first I didn’t trust the signs, the whispers. And yet slowly but surely, I not only started to notice them, but started to follow them.  

I started to TRUST, and wow did life unfold beyond what I could have ever imagined.  

If you have been following along with these emails, wondering if UPswing Mastermind is right for you, then I invite you to listen to that whisper.  

You are here for a purpose, and only YOU can choose to follow the gentle ‘nudges’ that are guiding you all the time.  

We begin in just a few days, so NOW is the time to take action.  

There is absolutely no obligation when you apply.


I’ve been hearing from many of you that you would LOVE to join the UPswing Mastermind but do not have the money for the investment.

I have been thinking about this and truly want to support as many of you as I can who KNOW that this work is their purpose.

And so for just 48 hours ONLY I have opened a low-cost, 12-month Special Payment Plan.

You can now join UPswing Mastermind from just $565!

I’ve never offered this before, and it is strictly for 48 hours only.

So if this happens to be the sign you have been waiting for – jump on it right away – I only have limited spots left to discuss the opportunity!

So if something is calling to you about this program, I highly encourage you to trust your intuition and fill out an application, and we’ll jump on a call in the next couple of days to discover if the program is a fit for you.  

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I look forward to supporting you to create a life and biz beyond your wildest dreams.    

Here’s what a few of our past participants have to say about the UPswing Mastermind...   

“[Before working with Amanda] I was scared to put myself out there. Now I’m getting consistency with new clients, which feels great. In the 3 months I have been in the Mastermind I have doubled my revenue compared to the 3 months prior. And I have to say I'm thrilled!”

— Emma Polette, Australia

“Within weeks of joining the mastermind, I went from giving away my services for free to enrolling 20 paying clients in my online detox program. Within a month I signed my first one-on-one client.   

Paying clients aside, the biggest win for me is in the belief I now have in myself as a coach. I have officially left my previous career, knowing that I can earn consistent income as a coach. I don’t think I would have done any of that without this program!”

— Cara Rice, Canada

“I want to tell you that your Mastermind program is seriously awesome – the value is fantastic. I'm getting more out of this program than I did last year working 1:1 with a business coach – at a fraction of the cost. The community is insanely supportive and I've really connected with the other Mastermind members. Thanks again for everything you do – it is seriously a gift.”

— June Melia, USA

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My NEW Book: Healthy Wealthy Biz! (Yours for FREE)

Healthy Wealth Biz Free eBook



I’m excited to be popping in today with my new FREE ebook ‘Healthy Wealthy Biz’.

This may just become your new favourite beach read if you are like me, hanging on the summer holiday feeling as long as I can (or perhaps ready for an island getaway for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere).

Thank you to all of you who submitted questions last year that I was able to incorporate into the interviews!



In this ebook, I take you through case studies of 10 NEW health coaches who were able to change lives (and make a great living) in their first 6 months of becoming a coach.  

Specifically, we cover:

  • How they decided on their niches + got their first clients – without having any prior coaching experience!

  • How they refined their service offerings so they could attract more clients and charge higher prices

  • The mistakes they made along the way that cost them time & money… and how to avoid these mistakes for yourself

As a valued member of my community you are getting access for free, as my gift to you.

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I really hope you enjoy the read, and draw some insights from the experiences of these coaches!



Amber had a dream: to live on a tropical island and transform people’s lives



Sometimes life takes you to places you couldn’t possibly plan for. The key is to TRUST that everything is working in your favour and that it is all going to be okay.

I want to tell you Amber’s story, because it speaks to that side of all of us, I think, who want to live and work in an exotic place; doing what we absolutely love, and changing lives.

When I last caught up with Amber, she looked radiant in a sundress and a frangipani flower in her hair. The backdrop I could see behind her looked serene, tranquil, and, well, like she was Skyping in from a tropical island... and that's because she was!



Amber spent 15 years in Corporate Finance before deciding to become a Health Coach. She had a burning desire to make a difference in people’s lives, and finance didn’t feel like the right fit for her.

Things fell into place when she decided to leave her job, which coincided with graduating from IIN. The Upswing Mastermind was beginning in the same month, and she felt ready to start a new journey. Something resonated with her and she felt called to get on board. She had no idea what was going to happen or where she was going to end up. All she knew was that she wanted to work in a location where she felt inspired and happy everyday while she helped others to a better health and mindset.

One of the big focuses of the Upswing Mastermind is cleaning up your blocks and shifting your money mindset. The more you clean yourself up, the more people are magnetised to work with you from that place. It becomes about who you show up as – the woman; the coach. It is a transformational experience, not just for your future clients, but for you to become the woman you have always wanted to be. It’s from there that you make the biggest impact on the world around you.

Amber was really drawn to the wealth consciousness aspect of coaching, and by using the structure and groundwork provided by the Mastermind, for example:  how to identify your target market and how to go out there and get clients, and how to hold discovery sessions, she was able to get into a flow of clients that unexpectedly saw what she was really good at all along – finance! (which came in the form of helping others to look at their own money stories and to make the changes needed in order to soar).

She was also able to take what she learned about balancing the masculine and feminine aspects of business and weave it into her new signature program.

Amber is from the United States. She knew she wanted to live a dream life while she pursued her passion to transform lives. Four months into the program, she moved across the world to Bali (a tropical island she had not even heard of until she joined the mastermind program) and was pleasantly surprised to realise that her dream of “Location, Independence and Transforming lives” had manifested.

If I had to talk to myself before I started the Mastermind,” says Amber, “I would say, ‘Let go and just have faith and trust and know that what’s to come is amazing. Believe in yourself and continue to move forward."

 “I’d say, ‘Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Nothing is ever going to be perfect. I still have days when I don’t feel great about everything, but I know that I’m where I’m supposed to be and everything is going to be okay.’”

UPswing Mastermind for Health Coaches starts again in 2016. For details, click here >>


List Building 101 for Successful Health Coaches

List Building for Coaches


Let me start by saying that building a list is a long journey. There’s no magical quick fix. Stick with it, and slowly but surely you will have a solid base of prospects to build a relationship with.

But there is absolute truth in the marketing mantra: The Money Is In Your List.


And for that reason, you MUST start List Building as soon as possible.

Building a list is one of the most important things you’ll do for your business. By nurturing this list you are able to build trust and credibility with your target audience (aka Dream Clients) with a view to them taking the steps to work with you.

There are many ways to list-build, many of which are free - but these do tend to be slow.



List-building can however happen quickly using a good list-building funnel and typically happens in this order:

  1. A Facebook Advert

  2. A Landing Page with a form to fill in name and email address

  3. A Free Offer Download (called a Lead Magnet)

  4. Follow up emails and newsletters

1. YOUR FACEBOOK ADVERT is how you will drill down into your target audience and have an advert pull them to your landing page with the prospect of getting something for free. I’m going to leave the ins and outs of Facebook ads for another time, but if you’re interested in learning more, Amy Porterfield has a great podcast about Facebook ad targeting HERE. (I also cover facebook ads in great detail specifically for health coaches with industry facebook as guru Julie Lowe in my UPswing Mastermind for Health Coaches.

2. YOUR LANDING PAGE is where your prospect will ‘land’ once they’ve clicked on your Facebook ad. It’s a webpage with a form asking for their name and email address. This form will be linked to your email marketing software (Mailchimp or Aweber are popular).

Your landing page needs to be a page where your prospect only has one option to click on, and that’s the SUBMIT button of your form. The idea with your list building goal is to not lose your prospect to other links on the page. Leadpages is probably the most popular platform for building landing pages. It is affordable and easy to use, with thousands of pre-made templates for you to tweak to suit your brand.

3. YOUR LEAD MAGNET is a piece of content that your dream client will be super happy to get their hands on. They’ll jump at the chance to give you their email address in exchange for this awesome piece of content.

Knowing your audience better than they know themselves will help you to create EXACTLY what they are looking for but didn’t realise it. If you haven’t identified who your dream clients are yet, you’ll find

4 Ways to Identify Your Health Coaching Target Audience (aka Dream Clients) HERE.

Your Lead Magnet doesn’t have to be a grandiose piece of work – it can be a free meal planner, recipes, a short eBook or training video.

4. YOUR FOLLOW UP EMAILS AND NEWSLETTERS are what are going to keep people who’ve joined your list engaged. 

Once you have their name and email address, you can keep in regular contact with your prospects. 

Talk to them in their own language about their pain point and give them a solution. 

Newsletters are a fabulous means of nurturing and building trust with your subscribers so they eventually want to buy your products or services and keep coming back for more.

The general rule of thumb for newsletter content is:  include something personal, like a story about what you’ve been up to. Your content might include an intro to your blog, followed by a promotion for someone else, along with showcasing somewhere you’ve recently been features, and a link to your new eBook. Anything goes, really. Keep it personal, and make it your own.

You should always add an offer of a complementary discovery session, or a link to check out your coaching program.

Another element in your newsletter marketing can be to set up autoresponders which deliver a series of scheduled emails to your audience once they have opted in.

Autoresponders allow you to build a series of emails to send over a period of time (hours, days, weeks, more). You can design, schedule and test your automated emails and track how many people open them.

Automation offers a more custom experience for individual subscribers, based on their activity. For example, if they read about a product you’re selling in one of your newsletters, and then click on the link to find out more, you can set up an automated email to go specifically to subscribers who have taken these action steps and follow up on their interest in your product.

Autoresponders also streamline your communications process. By organizing recurring campaigns, you can reach the right subscribers at the right time, for example, sending out a simple birthday coupon or a complex series of sales, event-related or fundraising messages.

For more on Email Marketing, Autoresponders and crafting emails that convert opt-ins to orders, have a look at Orissa Feeney – Email Marketing for Beginners.

And there you have it: List Building 101. Start, as soon as you can, even if you have other things going on in your life or business. Have this ticking over in the background so that when you’re ready to take things to the next level you have an engaged, eager following.

In my Upswing Mastermind, I go into detail about creating your facebook ads, designing your landing page in Leadpages and integrating it with Mailchimp. I walk you step by step through my exact process for building a list for your Health Coaching business.

UPswing Mastermind will start again early 2016 - you can check out details here >>


The Simple Secret to Telling People What You Do As a Health Coach

Simple secret to telling people what you do as a health coach


It’s the question most new Health Coaches dread: “So what do you actually do?” How do you go about explaining what it is that you do?

In some circles your answer would be called your 'elevator pitch' - an explanation of what you do that could be shared in a quick elevator ride.

The natural answer that springs to mind when someone asks about “you” is to come back with “I am”. Here’s the simple secret to telling people what you do as a health coach:



Eliminate “I am” from your vocabulary. That’s right. Get rid of it completely. No one cares about the “label” you stick on yourself. (“I am a health coach,” “I am a nutrition expert”, or “I am a personal trainer”).

All you have to do is replace “I am” with what you do.

Simple, isn’t it?

You are actually going to tell people What. You. Do.  For example, consider starting your answer with:  “I mentor,” “I train,” or the very effective, “I help.”

With this in mind, the best way to respond to the question, “What do you do?” is something like this:

  • “I help new mothers who are struggling with excess weight after pregnancy return to their goal weight safely and sustainably.”

  • “I help people with dietary allergies eliminate inflammatory foods while still enjoying a nutritious and varied diet.”

  • “I train busy professional women, showing them how to reduce stress by including yoga and mindfulness in daily life.”

  • “I help parents eliminate their children’s eczema through holistic nutrition.”

  • “I help professional men, who are too busy to work out, create permeate weight loss solutions so they can live longer and feel younger.”

Of course, you want to amend the above sentences to reflect what YOU do. You want to communicate what you are offering your dream clients. In other words, when you researched your target market you would have identified their pain points (their highest or most pressing need) and you would have tailored a solution for those. 

Pop that information into this formula: I help [insert dream client] with [insert problem] to [insert solution].

You want the person who asked the question to ideally say, “Hey, that’s me!”

Is this post helpful? I created a FREE worksheet to teach you how to improve how you tell people what you do as a health coach! Click the button below to get it now.



Here are a couple of Health Coaches who I see doing this well on their websites:

Susan Emerson from Emerson Optimal Health 

Ashleigh Ward Health & Lifestyle Coach

HINT: Every time you are asked this question, ask yourself, “What is the highest desire of this specific market/group/person?” Then adapt your response accordingly.

Usually, the follow on from, “What do you do?” is, “How do you do that?”

Keep to the simple secret above and don’t talk about yourself. Ask intelligent questions of the person to find out more about what they are struggling with; what their health goals are.

It's always about THEM not you!

You don’t need to dive into the sales conversation until way down the track, when you’ve built a rapport with the person through empathising and demonstrating your phenomenal listening skills. 

After all, your dream clients want to feel heard in order to build trust. After you’ve built trust, you can then move into scheduling a more in depth conversation.

For more information about establishing a connection and taking it through to a client conversion, have a read of 4 Incredibly Simple but Effective Strategies for Finding Clients as a Health Coach.

Remember, your dream clients want to know what’s in it for them. By asking what you do, they’re actually wondering if you have something that they can benefit from. 

Now that you know the simple secret to telling people what you do as a Health Coach, go and practice your powerful “I help” statements so that you say them with confidence when you’re asked that no-longer-dreaded question!

Share your new 'elevator pitch' in the comments below and share with us all what YOU do.

Amanda xx

Don't forget to download your FREE worksheet to teach you how to improve how you tell people what you do as a health coach! Click the button below to get it now.



The 6 Secrets to Believing You’re an Expert Health Coach

6 secrets to being a health coaching expert


One of the biggest statements I hear from the new Health Coaches I mentor is, “I don’t feel confident enough to portray myself as an expert.” The word, “expert” is loaded with all sorts of insecurity-raising vibes that trigger feelings about our self-worth and am-I-good-enough-ness. 

Remember, you only have to be two steps ahead of someone to help them. That doesn’t give you instant expert status, but it does serve as a reminder that your starting point is already ahead of those who want your help.

Let’s explore some of my secrets to believing in yourself and your worth as a Health Coach: 



SECRET #1: Being comfortable about what being an expert means is key

According to, the definition of an expert is:  A person who has special skill or knowledge in some particular field. 

Yes. That’s literally what an expert is. I bet you would agree that you have special skills or knowledge as a Health Coach.

Firstly, you have a qualification. Secondly, I’m sure you mostly know what you’re talking about when it comes to the area of the wellness industry you’re passionate about.

To get yourself feeling a little better about this, I’d like you to write down everything you know about being a Health Coach. 

Then write down the skills you have. Finish off with what areas of health and well-being you believe you know more about than most. 

Read over what you’ve written and notice how much better you feel about what being an expert means.

SECRET #2: Following experts gives you a great reference point for your own expert-ness

You’ve probably already got a few Health Coaches who inspire you that you follow. If you haven’t yet, you’ll find a list over at my blog about Getting Started as a Health Coach 

Have a look at how they brand themselves. What skills do they have? What knowledge do they share? What do they do that makes them look like an expert? Can you do what they’re doing? What would you need to do to do what they’re doing?

The crucial key here is to not fall into 'comparison' but instead see what you admire in them as possible for you. Success leaves clues!

Are you enjoying this post so far? Click the button below to get my FREE checklist to help you see how much of an expert you already are in your coaching business!

SECRET #3: Believing your self-talk about not having enough experience holds you back

Every expert started out with no experience. We all have to start somewhere. Don’t let your self-talk about this hold you back.

Marie Forleo, who created her multimillion dollar socially conscious empire from scratch, started her own coaching business when she was just 23 years old.  She says she coached everybody who’d let her - for free. 

Sometimes it’s about doing what you can to get that uber-valuable, first-hand experience that’s going to make you feel more like an expert in your field (and even some testimonials on your website).

The fact that you have a qualification means you’ve got plenty to work with to start building experience. 

Take 5 minutes and watch Marie’s take on wanting to be a coach HERE


SECRET #4: There is huge power in creating a daily mantra and using affirmations

I highly recommend a daily mantra to go with your morning routine. Mantras can help you stay focused on your dream when the going gets tough or your monkey mind starts to chime in telling you you're not good enough. Mantras actually help to reprogram the subconscious mind aswell, so over time you WILL believe the manta, even if you feel a little crazy at the beginning. 

If you’re after some affirmation ideas, here are 10 Self-Affirmations to Hack Self-Confidence Daily or check out one of the many wonderful books by Louise Hay.


SECRET #5: Developing your coaching material sets an expert intention

If you have a toolkit planned for your coaching clients, or a program outline, get working on developing the materials so that you feel like you’re ready to impart your knowledge and skills with something to back you up.

Often the reason new coaches don't feel confident is that they just haven't yet taken this next step in the journey of pulling all of their knowledge into one reliable toolkit. When I teach this in the UPswing Mastermind, new coaches are often shocked to realise just how much knowledge they are sitting on.


SECRET #6: Getting it wrong is part of the journey

Everyone makes mistakes. They are the best way to fine-tune things as you move forward in your coaching business. 

One of the quickest ways to grow as a Health Coach is to notice where you went wrong, and then decide how you’re going to do it differently the next time.

Your clients don’t know what you’re going to say, so they probably won’t even realise you’ve done or said anything wrong if you happen to make a mistake during a coaching session. Acknowledge it to yourself. Check in on why it happened and what you could have done to act differently. Make a decision to try an improved way next time. Move on.

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Remember that you are a coach - not a doctor, naturopath or specialist. You are meant to 'coach' not be a walking dictionary on every single health issue known to man. So be kind to yourself and embrace the role of a Health Coach to bring about your own unique contribution to the world.


Feeling low in confidence is the number one reason I see new coaches waste far too long sitting on the sidelines. We all have to go through the 'beginner' stage, but the quicker we dive in, the quicker we will start to grow into the expert we desire to be.

There are no shortcuts, so dive on in today!

Amanda x


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