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[Jennie’s story Part 3] Working 1.5 days per week while earning $5k? It’s possible.

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By now I’m sure you feel like you’re Jennie’s best friend. So do I! She's taken us on a bit of a rollercoaster ride, hasn't she? The fact she’s allowing me to tell her story so you can really learn from her journey shows how deeply Jennie cares about transforming people's lives.

Previously we spoke about how Jennie grew her business too quickly by making the biggest mistake I see all health coaches make, and that’s not packaging up your services.

Selling one off sessions and working for an hourly rate is a one way ticket to Brokeville.

Jennie had sacrificed her health for her business because she didn’t have the foundations of a package setup that would allow her to run a business filled with health and wealth.

Jennie thought in order to become wealthy, she needed to sacrifice her health, but that’s the furthest from the truth, and I can promise you there’s a better way.

You don’t have to make a choice between whether you want to be wealthy or whether you want to be healthy, in fact, wealth is important because it opens you up to a whole new level of health - something I’m so passionate about teaching to all of my clients.

When Jennie started creating her packages, she put a lot of thought behind how they were best going to serve the lifestyle she wanted to live.

Key Lessons For Health Coaches:

 When designing your package, you need to ensure you take into account how you truly want to design your own life.

 Think about what your non negotiables are and start with them in mind, instead of creating a package that your life needs to fit around.

 For example, if you need to pick the kids up at 3pm from school, you last coaching session for the day is at 1.45 - 2.45pm.

Your desires must be at the forefront of your business in order to run a successful health coaching business that supports you living your happiest, healthiest and most aligned life.

 Anything that does not fit within your non negotiables you MUST learn to say no to.

When Jennie created a health coaching package that worked in with her busy life, she started getting more enquiries, and before she knew it she had her best month, working only the 1.5 days per week she desired.

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Not only did her business packages bridge the gap between her health and her wealth, but in the process of redesigning her packages, Jennie came up with a solution that would ensure her clients got better results than ever before. This was something she had secretly been worried about with her initial clients.

Now, Jennie’s purposeful packages are a win-win for all.  

xx Amanda

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How to Build a Loyal List of Raving Fans (using LeadPages)

How to build a list of raving fans

Do you feel like no one is listening when you are looking for health coaching clients?

Like no one really ‘wants’ what you are offering?

Like people go cross-eyed when you tell them you’re a ‘health coach’

And if you are really, really honest, the only people you are really talking to are your family anyway….

Where are those masses of ‘raving fans’ you’ve heard other coaches brag about?

What makes them so special?

Arrg, seriously, I remember feeling this exact way when I started out in my health coaching business.

Friends made it look easy to have a zillion online followers and preaching the mantra ‘the money’s in the list’

Honestly, I didn’t even know what a ‘list’ was….

But once I understood the concept and power of a having a list of people who signed up to get a regular newsletter from me (aka ‘my loyal list’) I truly was blown away.

You see, building my own following of people who had ASKED to hear about my health coaching services – who were actually INTERESTED – was a game changer.

Talking about health coaching to someone who is NOT interested in the first place is equivalent to flogging a dead horse – a HUGE waste of time and energy – and the biggest self-esteem crusher ever!

The good news is that building a loyal list is not an elusive popularity game only available to those health coaches who are models or celebs.

Nope, a solid list building strategy is an online marketing foundation – it’s a series of steps, which (if followed) will build a loyal following quick smart.

I’m truly grateful that I grasped this concept reasonably early in my coaching career and have built a large following of people I can communicate with every week.

(Side note, I’ve heard 3 people in the last week claim that not building their list from day one of their business is their biggest regret)

BUT here’s the key concept I want you to remember.

I want you to think of the people on your new list as ‘friends’ – real friends.

Your friends don’t want to be sold to constantly – they want to chat with you about topics of mutual interest.

Giving massive value in your newsletters (once you build a list) is KEY.

I’d love to talk about ‘giving’ more in another email, but for now, let’s pull back.

I’ve created a new How-To video, which demonstrates my secret tool for building a loyal list of people who genuinely want to hear from you.

This is your last ‘One Thing’ to take action on in Action April.

Before you watch the training, here are the basic steps to building your loyal list of followers.

1.   KNOW your target market (you gotta know who you are talking to and what they are struggling with)

2.   Create an awesome ‘massive value giving’ quick-fix solution to one of their problems (a pdf guide, an ebook or a video perhaps)

3.   Create a leadpage to advertise this freebie and collect their email address in exchange

4.   Email them regularly with more massive value-giving content

5.   Once the relationship is formed, you can also start offering your paid services

The beauty of this formula is that by creating a massive value freebie for a painpoint that you KNOW your ideal client has, then you will only attract those who WANT that information and therefore WANT to hear from you regularly.

They are MUCH more likely to become a paying client too!



If you have any questions on this formula, pop on over to my Healthy Wealthy Society facebook group and ask away>>

In the meantime, here is your ‘How-To’ training for making the leadpage which captures the attention of your ideal client and then captures their email address in the process.

Enjoy building your loyal list

Amanda x

Resources: Leadpages



The Simple Secret to Telling People What You Do As a Health Coach

Simple secret to telling people what you do as a health coach


It’s the question most new Health Coaches dread: “So what do you actually do?” How do you go about explaining what it is that you do?

In some circles your answer would be called your 'elevator pitch' - an explanation of what you do that could be shared in a quick elevator ride.

The natural answer that springs to mind when someone asks about “you” is to come back with “I am”. Here’s the simple secret to telling people what you do as a health coach:



Eliminate “I am” from your vocabulary. That’s right. Get rid of it completely. No one cares about the “label” you stick on yourself. (“I am a health coach,” “I am a nutrition expert”, or “I am a personal trainer”).

All you have to do is replace “I am” with what you do.

Simple, isn’t it?

You are actually going to tell people What. You. Do.  For example, consider starting your answer with:  “I mentor,” “I train,” or the very effective, “I help.”

With this in mind, the best way to respond to the question, “What do you do?” is something like this:

  • “I help new mothers who are struggling with excess weight after pregnancy return to their goal weight safely and sustainably.”

  • “I help people with dietary allergies eliminate inflammatory foods while still enjoying a nutritious and varied diet.”

  • “I train busy professional women, showing them how to reduce stress by including yoga and mindfulness in daily life.”

  • “I help parents eliminate their children’s eczema through holistic nutrition.”

  • “I help professional men, who are too busy to work out, create permeate weight loss solutions so they can live longer and feel younger.”

Of course, you want to amend the above sentences to reflect what YOU do. You want to communicate what you are offering your dream clients. In other words, when you researched your target market you would have identified their pain points (their highest or most pressing need) and you would have tailored a solution for those. 

Pop that information into this formula: I help [insert dream client] with [insert problem] to [insert solution].

You want the person who asked the question to ideally say, “Hey, that’s me!”

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Here are a couple of Health Coaches who I see doing this well on their websites:

Susan Emerson from Emerson Optimal Health 

Ashleigh Ward Health & Lifestyle Coach

HINT: Every time you are asked this question, ask yourself, “What is the highest desire of this specific market/group/person?” Then adapt your response accordingly.

Usually, the follow on from, “What do you do?” is, “How do you do that?”

Keep to the simple secret above and don’t talk about yourself. Ask intelligent questions of the person to find out more about what they are struggling with; what their health goals are.

It's always about THEM not you!

You don’t need to dive into the sales conversation until way down the track, when you’ve built a rapport with the person through empathising and demonstrating your phenomenal listening skills. 

After all, your dream clients want to feel heard in order to build trust. After you’ve built trust, you can then move into scheduling a more in depth conversation.

For more information about establishing a connection and taking it through to a client conversion, have a read of 4 Incredibly Simple but Effective Strategies for Finding Clients as a Health Coach.

Remember, your dream clients want to know what’s in it for them. By asking what you do, they’re actually wondering if you have something that they can benefit from. 

Now that you know the simple secret to telling people what you do as a Health Coach, go and practice your powerful “I help” statements so that you say them with confidence when you’re asked that no-longer-dreaded question!

Share your new 'elevator pitch' in the comments below and share with us all what YOU do.

Amanda xx

Don't forget to download your FREE worksheet to teach you how to improve how you tell people what you do as a health coach! Click the button below to get it now.