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NEW - Free Biz Training Course!

New Free Biz Training Course


Let me set the scene for you:  

You’re finally in control of your Health Coaching business, making as much money as you could in an office job (hopefully more!), coaching your dream clients and changing lives like you've always dreamed you would.

Life is just how you imagined it, and you’re in the best space you’ve ever been when it comes to your own growth and higher purpose.  

Fade in scene to you sitting reading this email...

You’re probably thinking, yes, that’s a nice image, but I just don’t see how I can get there from HERE.

Well - I’m going to take you through the steps I’ve taken hundreds of health coaches around the world through so that you, too, can start earning $5K a month.

All in an exciting new way!

I've just created a brand new 3-part Video Training Series just for you.

I want to share with you everything I’ve learned. Because I know, with the right tools, you can do it.

Sound like something you’d like to give a go? I’d love you to!

> Watch the first video here - it’s about 25 minutes long.

BTW - The pic above was taken checking my hair and makeup before filming you these videos - I want you to get an honest look behind-the-scenes of building your Health Coaching business - not just the fancy finished products online - yup, this training is going to give it to you straight!

Inside the first training, I share:

  • How to connect to your true worth as a Health Coach to deliver massive results for your clients

  • How to design Purposeful Packages that fuel you, your clients and the world

  • The 3 Keys new Health Coaches MUST take when getting started that is not taught in any health or nutrition training program.

Here’s the thing, this video is going to give you some of my most honest opinions and insights into what’s holding Health Coaches back from those $5K months.

I'll be keeping this training series really REAL. You won't be hearing any glitzy promises of overnight success or internet stardom - but you will be hearing what is truly possible for you right now if you choose to take action.

Plus I'll be sharing very practical tips on what you can start doing today and examples of other new Health Coaches just like you who have made this work for themselves.

This video is the beginning of a powerful change in your health coaching business. I don't say that lightly. I mean it. 

This video is what you’ve been waiting for.

So, will you give me your undivided attention while you take in everything I have to say? And I promise to deliver powerful information that will start you on your journey to creating an environment where you can be stress-free; where you can work on your own teams, achieve your higher purpose, and change lives around you. Sound like a win-win?

Enjoy the first video. It will resonate with you. I just know it!

Watch it HERE.

Let's do this together, starting now.

P.S. I am also working behind the scenes right now to create an exciting new way to kickstart your business in a fraction of the time and investment than has ever been available before. Registration will open two weeks from today and I wanted to give you a sneaky heads up.

Circle the date: October 13th.

Why? Because there’ll be a limited time EARLY BIRD offer that you don’t want to miss. I’ll remind you when it’s time to take action and sign up. But go ahead and pop that date in your calendar.

In the meantime, please enjoy the free $5K month videos … like the one I shared today! 

Creating these videos for you has meant a lot to me. I know what it feels like to be where you are now, and I want to share how I created my successful Health Coaching business with every single person who’s ready to do the same. They come from my heart   :)