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A Hidden Habit that Could be Sabotaging Your Success

A hidden habit that could be sabotaging your business

I can honestly say I love my relationship with my clients and almost every part of my job. My work with them brings me deep gratification and the inspiration that in turn feeds my own creativity.

I often reflect on how far my clients have come in their quest for entrepreneurship and business ventures, and have a sense of gratitude towards what they bring to my own goals, as well as guiding them on their way to success.

Sometimes I witness clients so eager to build their coaching businesses that they can be so focused on where they want to be and not so grateful for how far they have already come.



This journey is not one of overnight success, and it can be so easy to be swayed from our own path when we fall into the 'not enough' trap of comparison.

When I talk to clients about it this 'say' they are grateful for how far they have come, but I can hear in their language and voice that it is still not 'enough' - and this one little details can be the exact thing holding their bigger success back.

We all want to make more, serve more people and build our businesses more - but too much focus on 'more' leads to a feeling of 'lack' instead of one of 'gratitude' - and this is one of my biggest secrets behind the creation of wealth.

Gratitude has a 'high-frequency vibration' in our bodies, and from a Universal perspective, like-attracts-like.

The greater you feel, the greater opportunities flow your way with ease (not force) and gratitude is the quickest shortcut to lifting your own vibration.

This was even documented in some of the greatest Wealth Consciousness and business books ever written - right back in the 1800s - so it's not just modern day 'woo woo' talk!

Grateful people are also typically happier people as it makes us more optimistic and reduces negativity, particularly when creative entrepreneurs express that gratitude genuinely and authentically.

Business leaders often recommend making gratitude part of company ethos as it cultivates appreciation in the workplace and allows staff to re-focus on what matters within the company.

I believe that consistent gratitude really boosts my business and brand focus. It connects me to other people and inspires me to build an even better service for my tribe. In turn, this simple act can build your wealth as a cherry-on-the-top.

Try to think about what you’re thankful for at least once a day - I do this every single night. If you prioritize and recognize the things you appreciate most, eventually it will become second nature.

Other ways you can celebrate small successes and simple acts of kindness by showing gratitude every day include:

 1. Keep an abundance journal.

Keep a small notebook handy and take a few minutes each day to jot down one or two positive experiences, and what you’re grateful for. This is also beneficial at the end of the week to remind yourself of the wins you’ve had throughout the week.

Having a note of small moments of happiness also provides an opportunity to look back and remember how much you have to be thankful for during the times when life doesn't seem to be going your way.

This applies to business too. Remember to focus on how wonderful it is to now have 100 awesome people following you on facebook - they could have put their 'like' anywhere, but they appreciated you. Do you appreciate them back? Or are you focusing on 100 not being 1000? 

2. Say thank you, and mean it

When a friend, family member or client goes above and beyond, be sure to let them know how much you appreciate them. Maybe treat them to lunch or a cup of coffee.

Things can get fast-paced at times when we are building a business, but stopping to say thank you to those you deal with will keep things real, human and heart-centred. You will be remembered and really stand out from the crowd for the littlest thing as taking time to say 'thank you' to someone who has helped you on your journey or in your job.

And same goes for those who have joined your email list or become a client. What can you do today to say 'thank you' to those who are making your dreams possible?

3. R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Remember what your mum advised? Treat others with the same level of courtesy you expect to be treated. Smile, show kindness, patience and actively listen. This can be done in small, easy ways including picking up after yourself, hold the lift door open, help someone struggling with heavy groceries – the Universe has a strange way of repaying tenfold for small random acts of kindness.

4. Shout out

Feeling the love? Post on social media and mention who has made you feel so grateful. Did a friend pick you up in the rain and drop you at work? Did your neighbour pick the kids up from school for you? Did someone share your latest blog post? Thank them in a public way and in turn, you’ll make them feel special and appreciated.

5. Spare some of your time

An act of kindness does more good for you than those you’re serving. Volunteer your time to help others and reap the social benefits of caring. It could be as simple as reading in your child’s class once a week, or offering to help out at a charity fundraiser – people remember those who are happy to help. It will give you something positive to focus on and is a great way to give back to the community at large. It's also important to always give more than you receive - so again, nurture your own online communities, clients and colleagues with random little gifts and you will build true rapport and trust as a bonus.

I'd love to hear in the comments below how you integrate gratitude and kindness into your own life. Can you relate to being so eager to reach a future goal that sometimes it can be hard to be grateful for what you have already created?