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6 Definitive Steps to Getting Started as a Health Coach

6 Steps to Getting Started as a Health Coach

I’m excited to share my take on the steps to getting started as a Health Coach. It’s a question that everyone asks once they’ve made the decision to turn their passion for wellbeing into a successful and rewarding business.

Not long after the excitement of deciding to become a coach, along comes a whole wave of new information to learn about how to actually run a coaching business.

We can hardly open our computers these days without being bombarded with a million and one conflicting tips on how to get started and a bunch of overnight success stories leaving us all feeling like somehow we’re missed the boat and might as well give up before we start.

I want you to know that there is no hurry and there is plenty of room for you too. You have an important message to share with the world and in right time you too will be making the impact (and money) you desire.

While I want to dispel the myth that your business should magically bloom overnight, I equally want to gently remind you that standing on the sidelines in overwhelm is helping no-one.

So below are the 6 steps I recommend you take right away to set the foundations for your business in a way that will bring you long-term joy and freedom.

6 Definitive Steps to Getting Started as a Health Coach



Believing you can be successful at what you’re being called to do is a powerful first step.

Beliefs are thoughts that you keep thinking. If you change your thoughts about something, your beliefs shift, too.

If you’re having trouble with this, make a list of 5 or more things you’ve done well in your life. Give yourself that confidence boost to stay on track.



Yes, health and wealth do go together in the same sentence! You can create the life you want through your health coaching business, so don’t sell yourself short when you’re thinking about starting out.

If you have a vision board, start filling it up with pictures and words about what you want your life to look like. This will help keep you focused on WHY you’re doing this (you’re not only changing other people’s lives; you’re changing your OWN life). 

Read about How Much You Can Charge as a Health Coach to get an idea of the value you’re going to be adding to clients’ lives, and how much that’s worth to them. 





Follow a Health Coach (or as many as you like) that you admire, and take a look at what makes them successful.

Ask yourself what they are doing well, or who they are being, that makes them a success. Do you believe you have any of these qualities and attributes? By affirming you have these, you’re strengthening your belief in your own success.

There are many amazing health coaches rocking it out right now, all in their own unique way - here are a couple of inspiring ladies to get you started:
Sarah Jenks
Tamsin Casey
Rachel Sizemore
Isabel Foxen Duke


Get clear on what you want to achieve as a Health Coach. If money and failure weren’t an option, what would you want to achieve?

Once you’ve written down your goals (no matter how far-fetched), chunk them down into smaller goals with action steps that you can take to get there.



Declare publicly (or at least in your inner circle) what your plans are. By telling others what you’ve decided to do, you will feel accountable. How awkward is it when people keep asking you how your plans are going, and you’ve done nothing about them?



Momentum needs a consistent flow of energy, which is most powerful in the form of action. Make sure you’re doing something, anything, that’s moving you toward your goals around being a Health Coach.


So there you have it, the first 6 steps to master when starting your coaching business.  I'd love to hear in the comments below which step you are ready to master.

If you are looking for solid support as you get started on these steps, I walk my clients through these in great detail in my UPswing Mastermind which is the ultimate way to build your business. Doors are currently closed for the UPswing Mastermind until 2016 but you can join the waitlist here to be the first to hear when doors open.

In the meantime, pop on over to my Healthy Wealthy Society facebook group to connect with me and many new like-minded friends who are building their coaching businesses too.



This woman is changing the way we look at weight loss

Changing the way we look at weight loss


As Health Coaches, we know how important it is to love our bodies but even then, sometimes when we feel our jeans getting a little tight, that negative voice in our head starts saying things like, “I told you to go to the gym and instead you drank a 400 calorie coffee drink- you deserve to feel terrible!”  The guilt trip begins and you find yourself feeling ashamed about your body.  I mean, who hasn’t.  But what’s so interesting is that so often we feel completely alone and embarrassed about our struggle with food and our bodies.  As women we are much faster to share a quick diet tip than we are to talk about the pain of being in a body we reject.



If you know my incredible friend Sarah Jenks, then you know that she is a brutally open and honest person.  Every time I read her posts I think “I seriously can’t believe she said that out loud.”  Sarah is all about tearing down the walls of shame and having an honest conversation about our lives and bodies.  Something I know you especially appreciate.

Sarah just released a super empowering video series called Real Talk: Women and Our Bodies.  In it, a dozen women, of all ages, sizes and situations, get real about what’s it’s like have a body they hate, what they did about it, and where they are now.  The rawness, vulnerability and honesty of these women blew me away.  I feel like this conversation needs to be happening WAY more often and who better to get the discussion going than our community of inspiring Health Coaches?!

I highly encourage you to watch these videos.  You can see them by clicking here>> And if you are moved to, please share them with the women you care about.  The more we talk about this stuff and heal our own body image issues, the more likely it is for the next generation to grow up without this challenge.

Here they are again >>

Amanda xx