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This woman is changing the way we look at weight loss

Changing the way we look at weight loss


As Health Coaches, we know how important it is to love our bodies but even then, sometimes when we feel our jeans getting a little tight, that negative voice in our head starts saying things like, “I told you to go to the gym and instead you drank a 400 calorie coffee drink- you deserve to feel terrible!”  The guilt trip begins and you find yourself feeling ashamed about your body.  I mean, who hasn’t.  But what’s so interesting is that so often we feel completely alone and embarrassed about our struggle with food and our bodies.  As women we are much faster to share a quick diet tip than we are to talk about the pain of being in a body we reject.



If you know my incredible friend Sarah Jenks, then you know that she is a brutally open and honest person.  Every time I read her posts I think “I seriously can’t believe she said that out loud.”  Sarah is all about tearing down the walls of shame and having an honest conversation about our lives and bodies.  Something I know you especially appreciate.

Sarah just released a super empowering video series called Real Talk: Women and Our Bodies.  In it, a dozen women, of all ages, sizes and situations, get real about what’s it’s like have a body they hate, what they did about it, and where they are now.  The rawness, vulnerability and honesty of these women blew me away.  I feel like this conversation needs to be happening WAY more often and who better to get the discussion going than our community of inspiring Health Coaches?!

I highly encourage you to watch these videos.  You can see them by clicking here>> And if you are moved to, please share them with the women you care about.  The more we talk about this stuff and heal our own body image issues, the more likely it is for the next generation to grow up without this challenge.

Here they are again >>

Amanda xx