Mastering your meangirl

Mastering your Mean Girl with Melissa Ambrosini

Mastering Your Mean girl with Melissa


Today I am super excited to celebrate the launch of Mastering your Mean Girl, the first book by my good friend and fellow health coach Melissa Ambrosini.
If anyone knows how to run a successful Health Coaching business it is Melissa, and when I interviewed her in celebration of her book launch I asked questions specific to growing your business – and how managing your mean girl is a KEY part of this.
It’s easy to look at ‘successful health coaches’ and think they had it ‘easy’ – but Melissa has had to master her own Mean Girl in growing her business just as you will have to do too.
Melissa and I have been friends for years (well before our ‘online biz’ days) and yet this interview is the first time we’ve hung out together online – as you’ll see we had LOTS to talk about.
Melissa and I are both telling it like it is and sharing our honest journeys of Mastering our Mean Girls in growing our businesses.
Please grab a green juice and get comfy - you are going to LOVE our interview as much as we loved filming it for you.

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