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[Jennie’s story Part 3] Working 1.5 days per week while earning $5k? It’s possible.

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By now I’m sure you feel like you’re Jennie’s best friend. So do I! She's taken us on a bit of a rollercoaster ride, hasn't she? The fact she’s allowing me to tell her story so you can really learn from her journey shows how deeply Jennie cares about transforming people's lives.

Previously we spoke about how Jennie grew her business too quickly by making the biggest mistake I see all health coaches make, and that’s not packaging up your services.

Selling one off sessions and working for an hourly rate is a one way ticket to Brokeville.

Jennie had sacrificed her health for her business because she didn’t have the foundations of a package setup that would allow her to run a business filled with health and wealth.

Jennie thought in order to become wealthy, she needed to sacrifice her health, but that’s the furthest from the truth, and I can promise you there’s a better way.

You don’t have to make a choice between whether you want to be wealthy or whether you want to be healthy, in fact, wealth is important because it opens you up to a whole new level of health - something I’m so passionate about teaching to all of my clients.

When Jennie started creating her packages, she put a lot of thought behind how they were best going to serve the lifestyle she wanted to live.

Key Lessons For Health Coaches:

 When designing your package, you need to ensure you take into account how you truly want to design your own life.

 Think about what your non negotiables are and start with them in mind, instead of creating a package that your life needs to fit around.

 For example, if you need to pick the kids up at 3pm from school, you last coaching session for the day is at 1.45 - 2.45pm.

Your desires must be at the forefront of your business in order to run a successful health coaching business that supports you living your happiest, healthiest and most aligned life.

 Anything that does not fit within your non negotiables you MUST learn to say no to.

When Jennie created a health coaching package that worked in with her busy life, she started getting more enquiries, and before she knew it she had her best month, working only the 1.5 days per week she desired.

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Not only did her business packages bridge the gap between her health and her wealth, but in the process of redesigning her packages, Jennie came up with a solution that would ensure her clients got better results than ever before. This was something she had secretly been worried about with her initial clients.

Now, Jennie’s purposeful packages are a win-win for all.  

xx Amanda

⏫ IT’S FREE!! 💕

⏫ IT’S FREE!! 💕

Mistakes Women Make When Setting ‘Masculine’ Goals’ - My Personal Process

Mistakes Women Make Setting Masculine Goals


If you are anything like me, you love a good goal.  Goals help us focus more clearly on our dreams and desires – the things we want to manifest into our lives and our businesses.

After all, setting goals is the key to success, right?

In my experience the answer is YES, however I have learnt a few secrets along the way – secrets to setting goals in a feminine way, rather than a masculine one.

Here’s a Hint: One of them is not ‘working hard’ in order for your goals to be met.

Wanna know how?

When I got home from a recent biz event in Austin I had two journals FULL of ideas.

When I looked at everything I’d written, I fell straight into overwhelm of what to do next. You know, the pressure of feeling it all has to be done NOW?



Here’s the process I went through to ease the overwhelm and get clear on my goals:


1.     I distilled my goals down to the top 5 (I normally recommend a maximum of 3 goals, but I really couldn’t decide, so I settled on 5 this time)

2.   Then I wrote each one as an ‘outcome goal’ – eg Hire 2 new team members

3.   I then wrote the key action steps under each (and put these into Asana)

Previously, this is where I would have stopped. This is where most women make their mistake when goal setting.

I would have started working like a mad woman to implement every step –to ‘push’ until they were all done.

Note:  I do still do this ‘masculine’ step first, but then I move to the second phase of my goal setting, which is the ‘feminine’ side.

4.     I look at each goal as ask myself ‘WHY do I want this goal?’, ‘What will it give me?’ 'How do I desire to FEEL?'

Here’s an example:

Masculine Goal: 2 new team members hired

Feminine Goal: To feel supported, receive relief, create more impact

5.     Now these desired ‘feelings’ are what I focus on each day in my meditation. I ask for support from the Universe to deliver my true desires via the masculine goal I have identified, and I always add, ‘or better’ when asking.

6.     AND I take massive inspired action from there. Once I'm clear on my desired outcome, it's amazing how new and inspired ideas come to me - and I take ACTION when they do!

This is what I call, ‘meeting the universe half way’:

·      being willing to ask for my true desires

·      trusting that I am being supported

·      listening for intuitive ideas that may arise, or ‘coincidences’ that turn up, and

·      equally showing up and doing the work as best I can myself.


Working in this way of mixing masculine and feminine in my goal setting, I believe, is one of my top secrets that helped grow a high 6 figure biz in a couple of years.

Tell me in the comments:  How could you reframe your current goals to meld together both the masculine and feminine aspects? If you took massive imperfect action on those goals right now, how would things look for you?

Amanda x


How PR changed my biz game and upped my expert status

How PR Change my Business Game

When I first started out as a new Health Coach, I noticed the same people seemed to get all the attention in the media. Their names consistently came up in places where I was hanging out online.

  • It seemed like every week they were showing up in a new place – interviewed on podcasts with thousands of listeners, quoted in top magazines, and guest blogging for the biggest online sites.

  • I’d see them announce in their email newsletter, “My new book just hit #1 on the bestseller list!”

  • Every time they opened up their signature group program for people to join, hundreds of people flocked to join on the very first day.

  • They would write a heartfelt, vulnerable post on Facebook, and within an hour 300 people had “liked” it or shared it.


On the one hand, I was happy for them, because I firmly believe in appreciating the success of others and seeing that what is possible for someone else is therefore possible for me.

And it’s great that people are doing meaningful work and getting attention for it. Everyone deserves to have the highest success when they are authentically sharing their gifts with the world and uplifting others.

But..... on the other hand, there was one thing that kept nagging at me…



I was ready to authentically share my message and my gifts, too!  

Deep down, I had always known I was meant to do something big; to touch lives and impact the world.

 But it felt like I was watching others shine while sitting on the sidelines.

 So I started taking PR seriously and took action to get the media’s attention.

My Health Coaching business was called Fuel Urban Wellness, and being featured in high-profile places was a game changer in getting clients and selling my Driven Woman’s Detox program, for example.

Having the media publish what I had to say gave me the credibility that I saw in the other health industry experts I was following.

As a new Health Coach, a small boost in your credibility can make all the difference in getting your business off the ground. PR is one of the best ways to do this when starting out.

Getting exposure on sites such as Mind Body Green, Tiny Buddha and Women’s Health & Fitness was a massive boost for my business. It was the start of me being seen as a true expert in the field of Health Coaching. 

And in my current business today, media has continued to play a part in my being seen as the go-to authority in my field.

My front page article in the Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne Age as a business mentor moved the needle forward MASSIVELY in my business.

The real thing to note is that getting 'visibility' as a Health Coach comes BEFORE you are already seen as an expert. In fact, getting exposure in these ways goes along way towards being positioned as an expert FAST - even if you are still a beginner. 



How ‘copying’ someone’s work led to me becoming successful

How copying someone's work let me to become successful


I went to Design School, and I really struggled. Why? Because they talked about ‘concept’ and what I felt were other ‘wishy washy’ ideas.

I wanted concrete answers:  Numbers.  Facts.  How-to’s.

And the fact that I couldn’t get them drove me insane.

The truth is, I don’t really like getting messy in my head.

I like clarity. I like ONE answer. I like ‘right vs wrong’.

In one of my first classes at Design School I almost got kicked out. I just couldn’t understand the ‘conceptual’ idea, no matter how I tried.

So when someone found a homework example on the computers in the lab for us to copy, I totally jumped on board and did so.

I had no idea how to think for myself.  I was always looking for those step-by-step ‘how to’s’, so it made perfect sense for me to go ahead and copy it all down.

Of all the people to get caught out for ‘copying’ it was me! This was one of many MASSIVE lessons I learned in my 4 years at Design School.

And I’m so thankful today for that particular lesson.



You see, it turns out the reason I got caught was because the example I copied could not have been more ‘wrong’.  

That experience taught me the importance of doing my own work to get the results I desired, instead of assuming someone else is ‘getting it right’ and then going off and copying what they’re doing – only to wonder why it is not working.

My years as a designer and then an art director taught me, slowly but surely, to embrace this messy ‘creative process’ of finding my own answers.  And, over time, I learnt that being ‘comfortable with uncertainty’ was the key to finding the gold in creative work.

This is a skill I have honed over the years to create truly unique work, in my own voice.

First with multiple international awards in advertising and now in working for myself.


A recent new team member told me, “I wanted to work for you because I believe you are the most copied person on the internet right now. I didn’t want to work for those asking me to copy your work – I wanted to find out who you were and work directly for you.”

When she told me that, I wasn’t sure whether it was a compliment, but I can now see that being unique has also scored me an awesome team player!

For most of us it is very scary to get our hands dirty and play with ideas, because it means staying in the uncertainty of ‘not knowing’ the outcome (until we start to trust and really mine for that gold).

I take the ladies in my UPswing mastermind through this process to find their ideal target market and their own unique purposeful packages – and when I do this, resistance arises every time.

And just like I did, they slowly but surely learn to love the process.


I like to look at it like pottery making:

You start with a massive lump of clay and throw it at the pottery wheel.

It looks like nothing!

And you start getting your hands mucky – easing the clay in one direction and then another.

And it still looks like nothing!

Then you keep crafting it a bit more here;  a bit less here.

And it still looks like nothing.

But over time – slowly but surely – the pottery starts to take shape.

You might walk away overnight and then come back the next day and see it with fresh eyes and start tinkering away again.

And eventually, you’re looking at the finished 'truly unique' piece!


Think about it – a pot is never made in one hour - a painting is not painted in a day – and a great business idea is never ‘just there’ either.

This is the ‘hard work’ than most entrepreneurs/coaches are not willing to go through.


It’s why so many people are just copying other people’s work with no thought of their own.

They’re scared to go through the creative process. They forget that going through this process is what brings about ART.

It’s what sets some apart from the others and creates successful, heart-centred and authentic businesses.

And it’s what sets coaches who have really done their work apart from those who are copying programs they assume work, instead of creating something unique that their ideal clients actually want to buy.


In the comments, let me know how you are going to get messy and dig into your creativity to mine for your authentic gold to shape your business.  You might find that to get messy you enjoy music up loud, or working from a café? Maybe to edit you need to be in silence?

I was staying with a friend recently and she needed absolute silence to be creative, while I needed to head to the café for music and caffeine (yup – even though I’m an introvert, I’ve learnt this much about my creativity).  I’d love to hear from you in the comments where you like to create and do you have resistance to facing the creative process at times too?


How to Build a Loyal List of Raving Fans (using LeadPages)

How to build a list of raving fans

Do you feel like no one is listening when you are looking for health coaching clients?

Like no one really ‘wants’ what you are offering?

Like people go cross-eyed when you tell them you’re a ‘health coach’

And if you are really, really honest, the only people you are really talking to are your family anyway….

Where are those masses of ‘raving fans’ you’ve heard other coaches brag about?

What makes them so special?

Arrg, seriously, I remember feeling this exact way when I started out in my health coaching business.

Friends made it look easy to have a zillion online followers and preaching the mantra ‘the money’s in the list’

Honestly, I didn’t even know what a ‘list’ was….

But once I understood the concept and power of a having a list of people who signed up to get a regular newsletter from me (aka ‘my loyal list’) I truly was blown away.

You see, building my own following of people who had ASKED to hear about my health coaching services – who were actually INTERESTED – was a game changer.

Talking about health coaching to someone who is NOT interested in the first place is equivalent to flogging a dead horse – a HUGE waste of time and energy – and the biggest self-esteem crusher ever!

The good news is that building a loyal list is not an elusive popularity game only available to those health coaches who are models or celebs.

Nope, a solid list building strategy is an online marketing foundation – it’s a series of steps, which (if followed) will build a loyal following quick smart.

I’m truly grateful that I grasped this concept reasonably early in my coaching career and have built a large following of people I can communicate with every week.

(Side note, I’ve heard 3 people in the last week claim that not building their list from day one of their business is their biggest regret)

BUT here’s the key concept I want you to remember.

I want you to think of the people on your new list as ‘friends’ – real friends.

Your friends don’t want to be sold to constantly – they want to chat with you about topics of mutual interest.

Giving massive value in your newsletters (once you build a list) is KEY.

I’d love to talk about ‘giving’ more in another email, but for now, let’s pull back.

I’ve created a new How-To video, which demonstrates my secret tool for building a loyal list of people who genuinely want to hear from you.

This is your last ‘One Thing’ to take action on in Action April.

Before you watch the training, here are the basic steps to building your loyal list of followers.

1.   KNOW your target market (you gotta know who you are talking to and what they are struggling with)

2.   Create an awesome ‘massive value giving’ quick-fix solution to one of their problems (a pdf guide, an ebook or a video perhaps)

3.   Create a leadpage to advertise this freebie and collect their email address in exchange

4.   Email them regularly with more massive value-giving content

5.   Once the relationship is formed, you can also start offering your paid services

The beauty of this formula is that by creating a massive value freebie for a painpoint that you KNOW your ideal client has, then you will only attract those who WANT that information and therefore WANT to hear from you regularly.

They are MUCH more likely to become a paying client too!



If you have any questions on this formula, pop on over to my Healthy Wealthy Society facebook group and ask away>>

In the meantime, here is your ‘How-To’ training for making the leadpage which captures the attention of your ideal client and then captures their email address in the process.

Enjoy building your loyal list

Amanda x

Resources: Leadpages



How to Promote Discovery Sessions on Facebook (using Canva)

How to promote discovery session on Facebook

Wow, can you believe we are already one-third through 2016?!

How is your year tracking so far?

In January this year I made some massive changes in the way I work – heavily influenced by the book The One Thing, and also by one of my mentors Todd Herman and his ‘90 Day Year’ program. 

Summarized in one line (because everything is simplified now), I am choosing to focus on just ONE key project in my business per quarter.

I can’t tell you how liberating it has been putting big projects I had planned to this year do ‘on hold’ and saying ‘no’ to almost every interview request that has come my way in the last 90 days. (I used to spend so much internal energy procrastinating on whether to say yes to opportunities that came into my inbox each day, having a simple ‘not now’ answer this year has freed me up in ways I never expected) 

I have got SO MUCH done by getting up each day and knowing exactly my ONE thing to do – no more indecision or multi-tasking.  

I also feel sooooo calm since giving myself permission to take 90% of work off my plate. And I’ve had 2 energy healers I’ve known for years, tell me in the last few weeks that they’ve never seen my nervous system so settled (adrenal fatigue is something I have struggled with on/off for years). Focusing on just ONE thing has literally changed my health and my happiness.

And before you think that ‘doing less means I’m making less’ think again my friend. The first 6 weeks of this year alone were the most financially rewarding I’ve had in my business to date.

Being the beginning of April, I have just re-set my ONE THING for the next 90 days and have SO much energy knowing it is going to be complete by the end of June!

I wanted to share this method of working with you all this month, and so I have created Action April to give you ONE thing to take action on every week. Each week I will be sharing with you a step-by-step ‘How-to’ for your business. If you do nothing else but this ONE Action each week, by May you will have taken some massive steps forward. (who knows, if you like these, we might even keep going for 90 days….)

I’m going to make this super SIMPLE for you all – you don’t even need to come up with your ONE thing – I will email it to you each week and you just need to take action.

This weeks first Action is ‘How to promote discovery sessions on Facebook (using Canva)’ in the video below:



Put on your blinkers ladies. Stop looking around at the million things you 'could' be doing and bunker down to start promoting yourselves on Facebook this week. 

If you want to up the ante - double down and do this ONE thing of promoting yourself on Facebook each day!

Then pop on over to my Facebook group Healthy Wealthy Society to share how you are getting on.

Client Magnet Script to use in your Social Media Posts >>

The One Thing, Gary Keller >> 

Canva >>

Stock Up >>


Million Dollar Businesses + Money Mindset Lessons (with Denise Duffield-Thomas)

Million Dollar Businesses


Last week I spent a couple of days with some of Australia’s top entrepreneurs discussing business and leadership.

As on online business owner, it was so lovely to spend time with many of my biz buddies in person - the highlight definitely being the evening luxury yacht cruise around Sydney harbour.



Today I’d love to introduce you to one of those entrepreneurial buddies Denise Duffield-Thomas who has been both a friend and 'unofficial mentor' to me in growing my business.

Denise is a money mindset mentor for a new wave of online female entrepreneurs. Her best-selling books “Lucky Bitch” and “Get Rich, Lucky Bitch” give a fresh and funny road-map to create an outrageously successful life and business.

Denise helps women release their fear of money, set premium prices for their services and take back control over their finances.

Denise is an award winning speaker, author and entrepreneur who helps women transform their Economy-Class money mindset into a First-Class life. 

With an introduction like that, this is one interview that you do not want to miss!



Pour yourself a green juice and get ready to blast through your money blocks (and learn a lot about running a successful online business in the process).

Click here to watch our interview >>

Amanda x

Link to Denise's Money Bootcamp


Why I recommend a Mastermind Program over one-on-one business coaching.

Why I recommend a Mastermind Program over 1 on 1 coaching


People ask me this all the time: “Isn’t one-on-one coaching more powerful than joining a Mastermind program?”

For beginners, I believe that there’s no way working one on one with a mentor will get you all of the learning and the teaching you are given in a Mastermind curriculum. Don’t get me wrong, I coach people one-on-one (my more advanced clients who want mentoring around strategy), but for beginner coaches or coaches who are struggling to make things work, a Mastermind program is the best proven way to get results.

Participants get the weekly 1 to 1 ½ hours of teaching, plus the workbooks, plus the one on one laser coaching sessions. So, along with the business training comes live accountability in the one on one laser coaching. I’ve seen coaches have a breakthrough every week to take their business (and personal growth) to the next level.

What I’ve seen time and time again, too, is the value of a group of like-minded women coming together with a shared focus to help each other succeed. And, as we all know, if you have a group of people who you’ve shared your plans to – you kinda have to follow through or feel awkward!



A Mastermind program gets results because it is very fine-tuned to the learning dynamics of creating a business that’s geared for success. What I’ve seen with a lot of people working with coaches one on one is that time goes quickly and you just can’t get the kind of results early on in business without what a Mastermind program offers.


Now, I want to be clear that there is no overnight success when joining a Mastermind. I won’t tell you stories about coaches who started making 6 figures in a couple of weeks, or who filled their booking schedule without batting an eye. 

When Rachel started out, she’d been getting clients and was already starting to coach when she joined Upswing Mastermind:

“I had a handful here and there, but I wasn’t making money.” she says.

"Two months into the program, I’d made as much in 2015 as I had made in 2014. After 9 months I’ll have quadrupled it.

It wasn’t up, up, up either. A couple of my months I made maybe $1k a month (on a good month). I almost hit $5K one month. After the first big month I felt nervous about being able to do it consistently, then after some work around money with Amanda I crashed the $5k barrier. And now feel like, I’ve got this. I can do that again. 

I’m shooting for $7.2K this month [6 months in]!”


With steady growth comes hard work.  With a proven formula for business comes the potential to step into earning $5k or more a month.

Mitle says the Mastermind experience was totally transformative:

“I stepped into the woman I really desired to be:  How I dress, how I look, how I interact with my business community. I think I’m a better mother and partner. Found a place of real contentment which has allowed me to step up in my coaching business.

The $5k woman for me is about living the way I want to live and being the person I want to be. It forms all my decisions now:  Would the $5k woman do that, I ask? It’s a real switch round; to step up to that. Each decision is based on this really beautiful point of your own power. And giving yourself permission to shine.”


Here’s what unfolded for me

Here's what unfolded for me


After my beautiful breathe out of 2015 into the ocean that divine Sunday in mid-December, something intriguing bubbled up…    

I remembered a trip I took to Burleigh Heads last year. There was a split intent for that week – on one hand I needed time and space to complete a brand new webinar that I was excited to be putting together. 

On the other hand I was going through a period of deep internal healing and needed to honour that with space and support for my body and spirit (because this internal healing work is such an integral part of my business growth).

A week in Burleigh at a luxury oceanfront apartment seemed to tick both boxes.

And while I got almost the whole webinar project finished - ready to hit send to the world - the truth was that my body wanted more time and space to complete the healing process first.

There was more than one time that week that I caught myself almost scolding my body “What bad timing, this work can’t wait…”

I stopped myself there.

OMG – who’s deadline was I playing to?

I have no boss!

I create my own rules!

I run my business how I feel….

And the truth was – I wasn’t feeling it!

Call it a ‘gut feel’, call it ‘intuition’ or simply call it ‘putting my body first’.

Either way – I had the choice!

I had the CHOICE and the power to create life, based on the needs of my body. How super awesome is that?!

I sent my team an email telling them that things were going on hold, shut my 20 browser tabs down one by one and did absolutely nothing for the next 4 days! (and not a lot the week after either to be honest)



It is all too common in today’s ‘new age’ way of running a business to talk about ‘following your truth’ or ‘working with ease’, but learning to truly live from that place is a journey.  

Because I decided to hold off on launching my new project for a few more weeks, it created space for me to birth the idea of documenting the journey of the ladies in my UPswing Mastermind program, which led to the ‘Behind the Scenes’ series I have now filmed. 



Through my own business journey I have learnt to put me and my health first (even if sometimes it takes me a few days to catch myself when I forget) and as with everything else I have learnt along my path so far, I love nothing more than passing my lessons on to others.

The ‘Behind the Scenes of UPswing Mastermind’ series is HERE. There are 14 ladies who took part in these interviews - they all have such different stories - so do browse through to find the journey that most speaks to you. 

I invite you to grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy!


10 Subject Line Strategies To Get More Email Opens

10 Subject line strategies to get more email opens

There’s no failsafe rule for writing subject lines that convert people on your list into paying clients. But there are a few guidelines you can follow to get your emails opened and read more often. 

When Mailchimp conducted a study on email subject lines (they’re continually monitoring what works and what doesn’t) they concluded that short, descriptive subject lines do way better than “splashy or cheesy phrases” (their words). You can view their email subject line best practices HERE.

Email Marketing is very much about testing and measuring, so experiment with different subject lines and see what works. If one is a dismal fail, it will at least give you an idea of what’s NOT working. There’s no right or wrong.



Your Health Coaching business is as unique as you are, so also bear in mind that what works for someone else might give you different results.

Follow these 10 Subject Line Strategies To Get More Email Opens:


When you know what your dream clients are into, you’ll get opens when your headlines are related to their needs, likes and preferences. If you are still unsure of who your target audience is, have a read of my blog 4 WAYS TO IDENTIFY YOUR HEALTH COACHING TARGET AUDIENCE (aka Dream Clients).


Five to seven words are enough to not get cut short when your email pops up in your dream client’s inbox. As you know, people’s inboxes are pretty full and they want to scan through quickly to pick out what’s readable. Sometimes subject lines using just one or two words can get more opens!


The jury’s kind of out on this one, because some people say using a person’s name smacks of ‘spam’. 

But, there’s something about seeing your name in an email subject line that makes you sit up and listen. Have you noticed that when your receive one of those emails? If your email marketing app offers merge fields, throw one in every now and then and see how people respond.

Has this post been helpful so far? Get my FREE worksheet with these 10 subject line strategies and much more by clicking the button below! It’s time to perfect your email marketing game.


Questions play to people’s curiosity, so have a go at using them in your subject lines. They urge people to read further (the body of the email) in search of an answer.

If you ask a question that has a ‘yes’ answer for the person, you’re likely to encourage more email opens:  Your dream client will want to find out what your solution to their health challenge is. So, something like, “Are you often feeling tired and sluggish?”


A direct instruction is often very effective. Try a call to action, like encouraging your dream clients to book a free Discovery Session, or if you’re guest speaking at an event you might start with, “Join me at…”.


If your email content lists things, like “10 Email Subject Lines that Work”, it pays to reflect that your subject line.

People can easily gauge how long your email might take to read, and somehow it makes it feel manageable, so they are more likely to click and open it. 


If you’re emailing your dream clients to share some exciting developments in your health coaching business, like a new package, for instance, get your readers inspired by popping it into your subject line.  Try: “My new package is here!”


Without being salesy (it turns people right off, and it’s not who you are anyway), you create a sense of urgency with subject lines like, “There are just 24 hours left to book a free Discovery Session with me.”
As a brand new coach, everyone knows that you are not 'booked-out' yet - so don't use lines like "2 spots left" which is not true - but instead find places where there is genuine urgency to encourage action from your viewer.



Mailchimp has a cool little feature that allows you to add a short teaser to your email when it shows in someone’s inbox (you find it in the top left corner of your email template when you’re designing your email).  

In most email previews in your inbox, that text usually shows up as “Having trouble viewing this email?” – that’s a special little piece of real estate to capitalise on.

Don’t forget to grab your FREE worksheet with these 10 subject line strategies and much more by clicking the button below!



Features are rarely as exciting as benefits. For example, would a subject line talking about a diet speak more to your dream clients than a mental picture of clothes fitting better or feeling more energised?

Now, time for some examples:

  • Do you have a special dress you’d like to fit into again?

  • How a Health Coach can help you reach your health goals

  • Why more mums are drinking ___________

  • How I overcame Adrenal Fatigue in 6 months

  • How to make school lunches that sustain energy

  • Discover the best ways to _______________

  • Have you been feeling unmotivated lately, Kerry?

  • Wanted: Motivated women who want to up their fitness game

  • Get ready to change your relationship with food

  • My special introductory program pricing ends tonight

  • Want weight loss to be easier?

  • Wish eating right wasn’t so hard?

  • 3-Step Action Plan for getting fitter

  • 4 Secrets the world’s healthiest people keep

Above and beyond anything I have shared above, you must ALWAYS first know your ideal client inside and out before writing subject lines. Your in-depth knowledge of your ideal client will shine through your email subject lines above-and-beyond any formula you could ever study.

In my signature program UPswing Mastermind for Health Coaches we start by getting UBER clear on exactly who you are talking to in your emails, so that your can use the ideas above to ensure your emails turn into clients.

UPswing Mastermind will start again early 2016, advanced details can be found here >>