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100 Killer Coaching Questions - Never be Stuck for What to Say Again

100 killer coaching questions


It is very common and completely natural for new coaches to feel unconfident in their ability to get great results in their coaching sessions.

When I recently sent out a survey to my list the number one struggle new coaches are having appears to be around confidence and feeling ‘expert’ enough.

I watch many new coaches sit on the sidelines, waiting to feel confident, but the truth is you have to just get in the game and start.

You’ll never gain confidence without practice. It’s not possible.

I think the key reason new coaches don’t feel expert enough is because they are feeling responsible for the results their client gets and they are often comparing themselves to different experts in their field.

For example, a Health Coach can worry that she won’t get the results that a doctor might – but a health coach is meant to COACH – not be the doctor.

So how do you get in the game and start coaching BEFORE you feel ready?



The truth is that you don’t need many skills when you get started.

Your job is not to be perfect, it’s to be a coach - an incredible question asker and an incredible listener.

The truth is that as humans our true answers are already inside us. A coach’s role is to gently guide us to find our own answers. This is the power of coaching.

When a coach tries to fill every gap with ‘teaching’, tries to solve all of her client’s problems for her – she is in fact robbing the client of the true transformation available to her.

Coaching is about asking the questions, NOT having every single answer or the perfect solution.  Let the client have their own a-ha moments, rather than lecturing them or trying to be an expert on their life. That will exhaust you.

Do not try to rob your client of her own ‘a-ha’ by telling her everything you know – instead, master the art of asking questions and allow the magic of coaching to unfold.

Another trap is thinking that your life has to be perfect before you can coach. That’s a mistake.

Top athletes all have coaches, but their coach is not necessarily more advanced than they are… they just know how to COACH.

Of course, the key to doing this is having a powerful set of questions in your toolkit ready to go, so I have compiled a list powerful coaching questions for you to use in your coaching sessions.

It’s time to lean back and trust that you have everything you need to be a great coach – ask these questions, listen for the answers and allow your client the gift of a massive breakthrough.

Here are my top questions to ask during a coaching session. I encourage you to print them out and have them handy in your next session.

Download your 100 Killer Coaching Q's HERE


I'd love to hear how using the 100 Killer Coaching Q's helped your business. Share your experiences in the comments below and share which question provided the biggest breakthrough for you or your client.


Amanda xo


Top Working Cafes in LA


Working for myself provides some fantastic benefits, one of those being able to work in different locations around the world.

I have had the pleasure of working from cafe's in Paris, Abu Dhabi, Miami, LA, Mexico, Singapore and New Zealand - and let's not forget Bondi.

At each location, I make sure I try some new venues with new menus and keep notes on who stand's out so I can share my favourite places with you. 

So from my last trip to USA, here are my top working Cafes in LA.

Los Angeles:

Abbot Kinney, Venice

  • Intelligista: This is a beautiful industrial chic location with fantastic daily roasted coffee. They have a lovely outdoor patio - but in summer the flies can be a bit off-putting and the vibe funky and hip. I found people in the cafe fairly chatty which is nice when you are looking for some social activity.

  • The Butchers Daughter: The Matcha Pancakes is the dish to try and this great cafe can provide some great people watching if you sit outside. The atmosphere is pretty chilled which makes it a great place to work, and the staff efficient but not in a over the top or intrusive way.

  • The Matcha Box: Try the Matcha Latte with Almond Milk and enjoy the beautiful modern design of this upbeat cafe and the extensive range of Matcha drinks on offer.

Rose Ave, Venice

  • Cafe Gratitude: Organic, Dog-Friendly, with Vegan menu options - just some of the perks of this great place to work.
    Even if you are not vegetarian or vegan I would encourage you to give this place a try, and don't forget to save room for their raw desserts - heavenly! I get known pretty quickly every time I'm staying locally as the lady who orders Tiramisu for breakfast - it's that good - but sometimes the French Toast does win me over.

  • Moon Juice: Vegetarian-friendly and a divine selection of drinks. Check out the cold pressed coffee with coconut for a quick pick me up or one of their green juices to infuse yourself with healthy vitamins and minerals. They have sooo many amazing drinks on offer I am fairly confident you will find one you love.

  • Rose Cafe: Great open plan, bright colours, and fantastic food. You can enjoy a fresh juice, herbal tea, or something more substantial while admiring the sun streaming through the windows. I recommend the Kale Salad which has a fantastic spicy kick.

Working Cafes in LA for Coaches

Santa Monica

  • Tendergreens: This is a great place where you can pick and choose your salad right down to the type of leaf. Vegetarian options are available and the vibe is happy and social. If you are looking for some new connections try sitting at the large communal table for some chit-chat or chill out at a smaller table and work away.

  • True Food Kitchen: Pretty much the entire menu is healthy and vibrant but I personally love the edamame dumplings and the fresh juice mocktails. Sit outside and enjoy some fresh air, or enjoy the flurry indoors. This place does get busy in peak times so stick to low times (not dinners) for peace to work.

  • Kreation Organic Cafe: Great decor and selection of cold press juices. The Energetic Tonic is a great pick me up if you find yourself a little low mid afternoon. Check out the fantastic outdoor seating for a great working space closer to nature.

Bonus Location (decided to squeeze in one more)
Between Santa Monica & Venice

  • Rawvolution: Fantastic place to work! Quiet, chilled atmosphere with juice shots and a fantastic vegan-friendly menu. Feeling bold or wanting something new? Give their 'E-3' live a go for a massive boost in nutrients.

If you have a favourite working cafe in LA share in the comments below and we will build a master list of top places to work for coaches.


Are you truly open to FREEDOM? (I wasn’t until this happened this week…)

Are you truly open to Freedom


Happy July 4th week! WOW – what a gift it has been to spend Independence Day in NYC this year with some of my favourite business buddies. 

As I write this to you from high up above the world I am feeling a massive sense of freedom (yup, I’m currently experiencing one of my bucket list experiences – flying from NYC to LA on Virgin America First Class - (whole other post to write on this experience) In fact this entire trip has been all about FREEDOM at a whole new level of awareness and unfolding for me. 

Some of you may remember that my husband broke his collar bone a few days before I was due to come on this trip.

I did postpone my flight for a few days, but I didn’t let the ‘rules’ or opinions of others hold me back from following through on my own path to spending 6 weeks in the US this summer.



In fact even once I was over here, I found I wanted to stay longer, but I was running a story in my head that 4 weeks was the ‘limit’… that after that I was a ‘bad wife’….

I chatted to John about this and he shared that actually, it was easier for him to heal when he’s home alone and he’s much happier knowing I’m following my dreams.

(HOW awesome is he? Right?!)

It was a massive wakeup call for me that I was still putting my own desires last in many decisions I make, often worrying about what others might think. 

You see we all have stories in our mind which hold us back from following our truth. And most of the time that are just that - stories!

Sometimes we are even carrying other people’s stories around with us (I had plenty of other peoples opinions on why I should be home with John – not ‘galavanting’ the world….)

Realising it is ‘safe’ to keep following what feels great to me has been such a big gift – and each time I’ve extended this trip further, yet another opportunity has come my way that I could never have planned if I tried. 

On my path of learning to follow my heart’s guidance and following what lights me, I always choose to set an intention for each new month.


For June my intention was “Connection”

When I told a mentor that I was coming to NYC to ‘connect’ with people, she asked if I actually had any meetings lined up and I felt almost embarrassed to say ‘no’.

Stories started playing in my head that I was wasting my time going to NYC, I wouldn't meet people there, no-one would have time to meet with me....

Those sneaky stories again!

Yet when you set an intention, and let yourself be guided instead of trying to ‘work it all out in your head’, magic can unfold.


Just a few of my highlights from NYC are:

-       Entrepreneurs lunch in Soho

-       Broadway shows with business buddies

-       Creators Dinners in Soho

-       Juices in Madison Square Park with entrepreneur friends

-       Sunday rooftop BBQs in Queens with best friends

-       Lunching with UPswing Mastermind clients in Chelsea

-       Coffee meetup with a mentor in the Upper Westside

-       Intimate night gathering on a Brooklyn rooftop with raw chocolate, rose and                 fempreneurs

-       Working in the Ace Hotel Lobby (best draft cold brew, tunes, couches and wifi in           town)

-       Lounging at the Equinox Pool (followed by massages)

-       Bike riding around Central Park

-       Lunches and dinners with family friends


Not bad for what was meant to be a quick trip to NYC after my business mastermind in Austin. (where I connected with 30 of the worlds top business people too!)

If I had have followed my original ‘plans’ of heading back home to Sydney to be a 'good wife', instead of following my hearts desires, I would not have allowed my intention to unfold for my highest good.

As I watched the July 4th fireworks from the luxurious 53rd floor midtown NYC apartment I’ve been staying in with my friend, surrounded by some of my favourite biz buddies – I was full of gratitude for a new depth of Independence and Freedom that is available to us today as women entrepreneurs.

This freedom comes from dropping our stories, dropping our fears and daring to follow the whispers of our heart (even when others think you’re crazy)

We all have dreams – growing your business, leaving your day job, hitting your first $5k month, spending winter in a country that’s in summer, more connection, more freedom….

And it is honestly only our stories which hold us back from experiencing these!

While the world continues to explore and celebrate independence on a global scale, we as woman are experiencing this within ourselves in tandem.

We are waking up to the truth that we have choice.

We have the choice to step into even more freedom each and every day – in our lives, in our businesses – and so it is more important than ever to drop our own stories, drop the judgments of others and ask ‘what would I do today if there were NO LIMITS or rules at all?’

Continually asking this question on this trip not only led to mind blowing experiences here in NYC, but is also the reason I’m heading to LA tonight instead of rushing home.

I’m not sure what will unfold in LA, but I will tell you next week the pretty crazy story of how I ended up adding 8 days in LA to this trip. (and getting upgraded to First Class)

My intention for July is “Self-Care” – I’d love to hear yours!!

Let’s see how July – the month of freedom and choice – unfolds together. 


Amanda xx


6 Definitive Steps to Getting Started as a Health Coach

6 Steps to Getting Started as a Health Coach

I’m excited to share my take on the steps to getting started as a Health Coach. It’s a question that everyone asks once they’ve made the decision to turn their passion for wellbeing into a successful and rewarding business.

Not long after the excitement of deciding to become a coach, along comes a whole wave of new information to learn about how to actually run a coaching business.

We can hardly open our computers these days without being bombarded with a million and one conflicting tips on how to get started and a bunch of overnight success stories leaving us all feeling like somehow we’re missed the boat and might as well give up before we start.

I want you to know that there is no hurry and there is plenty of room for you too. You have an important message to share with the world and in right time you too will be making the impact (and money) you desire.

While I want to dispel the myth that your business should magically bloom overnight, I equally want to gently remind you that standing on the sidelines in overwhelm is helping no-one.

So below are the 6 steps I recommend you take right away to set the foundations for your business in a way that will bring you long-term joy and freedom.

6 Definitive Steps to Getting Started as a Health Coach



Believing you can be successful at what you’re being called to do is a powerful first step.

Beliefs are thoughts that you keep thinking. If you change your thoughts about something, your beliefs shift, too.

If you’re having trouble with this, make a list of 5 or more things you’ve done well in your life. Give yourself that confidence boost to stay on track.



Yes, health and wealth do go together in the same sentence! You can create the life you want through your health coaching business, so don’t sell yourself short when you’re thinking about starting out.

If you have a vision board, start filling it up with pictures and words about what you want your life to look like. This will help keep you focused on WHY you’re doing this (you’re not only changing other people’s lives; you’re changing your OWN life). 

Read about How Much You Can Charge as a Health Coach to get an idea of the value you’re going to be adding to clients’ lives, and how much that’s worth to them. 





Follow a Health Coach (or as many as you like) that you admire, and take a look at what makes them successful.

Ask yourself what they are doing well, or who they are being, that makes them a success. Do you believe you have any of these qualities and attributes? By affirming you have these, you’re strengthening your belief in your own success.

There are many amazing health coaches rocking it out right now, all in their own unique way - here are a couple of inspiring ladies to get you started:
Sarah Jenks
Tamsin Casey
Rachel Sizemore
Isabel Foxen Duke


Get clear on what you want to achieve as a Health Coach. If money and failure weren’t an option, what would you want to achieve?

Once you’ve written down your goals (no matter how far-fetched), chunk them down into smaller goals with action steps that you can take to get there.



Declare publicly (or at least in your inner circle) what your plans are. By telling others what you’ve decided to do, you will feel accountable. How awkward is it when people keep asking you how your plans are going, and you’ve done nothing about them?



Momentum needs a consistent flow of energy, which is most powerful in the form of action. Make sure you’re doing something, anything, that’s moving you toward your goals around being a Health Coach.


So there you have it, the first 6 steps to master when starting your coaching business.  I'd love to hear in the comments below which step you are ready to master.

If you are looking for solid support as you get started on these steps, I walk my clients through these in great detail in my UPswing Mastermind which is the ultimate way to build your business. Doors are currently closed for the UPswing Mastermind until 2016 but you can join the waitlist here to be the first to hear when doors open.

In the meantime, pop on over to my Healthy Wealthy Society facebook group to connect with me and many new like-minded friends who are building their coaching businesses too.



This Post Got Everyone Talking

This Post Got Everyone Talking


I was super happy this week when facebook (finally) agreed to change my facebook page name over from 'Fuel Urban Wellness' to 'Amanda Jane Daley' (happy dances all around).

Just having the correct name on that page feels like I've come home - it feels like it's actually mine again and I am loving playing in there with lots of new business inspiration for you all.

One of the first posts I put up on that page after the change over has caused great conversation and alot of likes this weeks, so I wanted to let you in on the chatter.



You see sometimes it really is a matter of doing a few things a little differently that can make a HUGE difference in your business! 

Why not try these 3 things to boost your end of week and then pop on over to my new facebook page to join the conversation and see which point got everyone raving:

1. Simplify one thing
Pick one thing that you are going to simplify in your life or business. Does your morning routine help you launch into your day or make you feel defeated before you even get going? Do you need to reduce the number of apps and tools that you use to run your business? Pick one thing and find a way to organise, minimise, or systemise it until you know you’ve made it as simple as it could possibly be.

2. Get a Mastermind group together
Get a Mastermind group together for brunch and chat, share dreams and ideas. If you’re not part of a Mastermind group, then just invite some friends who are like-minded, motivated, and love to learn new things. Connecting and inspiring is a MUST for any entrepreneur!!

3. Send thank you cards or email to your clients
It is much easier and less expensive to keep clients happy than to replace lost clients with new ones. Keeping clients happy and engaged is what helps our entrepreneurial world go round. Plus it feels really awesome giving value to other people in a way that keeps them coming back. Send some gratitude their way with a hand written thank you card. Or a simple email message is a lovely idea if you are more electronically minded. Customers almost never experience this level of personal gratitude so it's a great opportunity to build an even deeper relationship with them!

Do any of these tips resonate with you? Pop on over to my facebook page and leave a comment letting me know which tip you are most excited to try! 

Is it the same tip that everyone else is gushing over?

Can't wait to see you over there (click here to take you to my page direct >>)


The power of WHO you learn from

The power of who you learn from


If there's one thing I know well it is the power of surrounding yourself with people a few steps ahead of you. Yesterday I was reminded of the power of WHO you learn from once again.

I was lucky enough to fly Sydney to LA in Business Class a few weeks back. 

As I sat down in my seat, I was surrounded by top businessmen who fly all the time. With so much space and luxury in business class from the moment you board, everyone was super upbeat and friendly and within minutes conversations were flowing.

The topic quickly turned to 'how to avoid jetlag' and boy, did these guys know the tricks!

Within 15 mins of taking my seat, I had new knowledge under my belt of how to arrive at my destination top of my game and avoid jetlag.

It would have taken me YEARS of travelling to world to work these tips out by myself. 

It's the main reason I travel with extra 'jetlag buffer' days as I normally find there are a few days rendered useless after a long-haul flight. But by aligning myself with the seasoned pro's, I possessed their knowledge for myself.



I landed in LA fresh faced (ish), got picked up by my good buddy Paula in her super cute Mini-Cooper, headed straight for Cafe Gratitude for breakfast, Wholefoods for supplies and then spent the rest of the day catching up and masterminding on our businesses by the pool in the sun.

I was asleep at 10pm, and awake at 6am this morning energised and ready to go to the gym.



I've been trying to master this one for a while - and as someone who HATES being tired or feeling off my game in any way, this is a HUGE win.

Why waste time trying to work things out for yourself when someone a few steps ahead is willing to share their own learning?

This is one of the key reasons I love being a mentor to Health Coaches - so that you can learn quickly what took me years to work out in my business. 

PS. That insider tip on jetlag: It has to do with the food you eat ;-)

Let me know in the comments below, are you surrounding yourself closely with people who are setting you up for success?

Amanda x


Have you ever done this?

Have you ever done this

So here's the thing...

I have a bit of a thing for stationery.

My husband has a rule: “No more journals until you have used all of the others”.

Of course I never listen.

I always have several journals on the go. Personal journals for daily intentions, nighttime journaling and thoughts and meanderings. And stacks of notebooks to write client notes as I coach, lesson notes for UPswing Mastermind modules and blog post ideas.

Then of course I have lots of fancy to-do list notepads. (Even though I now work purely from Asana, sometimes it’s nice to just rewrite the tasks for the day on good ole fashioned pretty paper don’t you think? ;-)

Now here’s the thing, despite having a love for stationery – in general I always bought the ‘sensible’ goods. Maybe the odd fancy diary or planner from Kikki K (awesome stationery shop here in Australia) or fun notepad from Typo, but in general most things are from Officeworks - practical, sensible and cheap.

For almost a year I walked past my favourite homeware shop each morning which stocks the most AMAZING Kate Spade designer stationery.



OMG – have you seen it’s gorgeousness?

Pretty gold staplers, fancy pencils with inspiring quotes and notebooks made of Kate Spade signature prints.


But did you know, for almost a year I walked past that shop every morning and despite no doubt physically drooling as I forced my eyes away from the window – somehow I never noticed that I WANTED that stuff.

Hmm, yes, kinda obvious now.

But I was so programmed to not even ‘dream’ of spending money on such ‘frivolous’ items that it honestly never logically occurred to me to consider purchasing.

It didn’t even cross my logical mind that I ‘could’!

So a few weeks back I went in and spent $250 on the most BEAUTIFUL Kate Spade stationery (Yes I bought half the range). And every day at my desk (or at the café as it was this week), I am getting to enjoy the beauty of these little works of art.

My friend and photographer Wendy K Yalom talks about ‘personal attraction factor’. By this she means we simply are attracted to and desire what our eye goes to, but for most of us we second guess ourselves and over think things waaayyyyy too much.

We block out the possibility that what we are window shopping for is something that is ‘meant’ for us!

Can you relate?

The truth is that desires are meant to be lived, they are who we are – they are not meant to be shoved down tight as ‘not for you’….

Let me know in the comments below, are there things you desire in life that perhaps you haven't even considered you could have?

Amanda x


5 Minutes for YOU during the working day

5 mins for you during your work day


Many of us have made the exciting transition from office job to being an entrepreneur. I often lament on how different my life was working in an office – actual lunch breaks!! I would often take breaks from my desk, paid bills at lunchtime or simply a stroll in the city.

When I decided to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams at first I had so much time for self care it was AWESOME. But as my business grew I discovered I struggled to fit time in for myself as the days flew by in a busy blur. This only increased as my workload increased and my self-care practices during my office days needed to be scheduled in or I risked running out of physical and mental energy.

How do you add in 5 minutes of self-care a day, every day?! Here are my five faves:

1. Planning the day ahead

I take 5 minutes at the start of my day to make a plan whilst enjoying a green juice or my new 'experiment' with bulletproof coffee (ask me in a few weeks my conclusion on this one). I write down the three most important things that need doing from my weekly master list, then I leave the rest as “nice to do’s”. This single trick completely turned my old habits of overwhelm around. It's so important to be honest that I'm unlikely to get more than 3 key tasks a day done - and so I plan for that instead of causing unnecessary stress.

2. Set an alarm on my phone

I used to sit at my desk and power through the day, only really stopping for quick bathroom breaks. This is not healthy for your physical body or mind, so I started to set a regular alarm on my phone to remind me to take short breaks and move my body. I've talked in other posts about how I use the productivity app '30/30 ' but sometimes the simple alarm on my phone also does the trick nicely. 

3. Fresh air

I try and get a burst of sun each day, even if I take my laptop outside and work for a while. It is too easy to spend the whole day locked inside my office, so I’ll even make phone calls sitting on my balcony or go for a quick walk down to the beach and back. It’s surprisingly re-energising to be in nature especially after exposing ourselves to electronics all day. Whenever I can I take a full hour out to walk around the clifftop from Bondi Beach to Bronte beach in the afternoon - this is great for clearing my head and energy on busy days.

4. Legs up the wall

Yup, this feels awesome! This simple yoga pose will clear your mind and provide a much needed energy boost! Simply take 5 minutes and lay on the floor with your butt against the wall, legs straight up in the air resting on the wall. On my recent yoga retreat I really grasped the power of this pose like never before. If you do just one thing for yourself each day - make it this. Five minutes will make you feel like you’ve had a long afternoon nap – seriously! 

5. Stretch

I cannot stress this essential practice enough – stretch every hour. Even if it’s for one minute, stretching your arms, neck, legs – everything, is essential to give your mind a break and realign your posture. Especially if like me you work on your laptop from wherever it might feel comfy - couch? bed? beach? My personal trainer must have drilled this into me twice a week for about a year before I finally took it on board - now it is a must every day and my body is oh so happy for it. 

If you gave yourself just 5 minutes of self-care each day, what would you do? Let me know your favs in the comments below.


7 Self-Care Lessons From My Restorative Retreat

7 self care lessons from my retreat


Last week I spent time offline at a remote 'restorative retreat' in New South Wales and it really hit me just how much 'work' has gone into growing my business the last few years.

While away I was reflecting on some key intentions I set in January this year.

I am super committed to self-care, health and fullfillment in all areas of life (Primary Foods anyone?) And so in January I had so much fun planning grandiose 2015 goals of 'non-work related' activities. The last few years have been very work-focused as I got my business up and running and I was craving new experiences.

'2015 is my year of LIVING in all areas'  I declared!

But, as I lay in restorative poses for most of last week I reflected on having been so clear on my intentions in January but the difficulty in actually fully playing that out as the year has progressed.

On one hand I want even more time for me, more time for family, friends, yoga, sleep-ins...
And on the other hand I love my business baby so much that I could work 24/7 birthing the endlesss stream of ideas I want to share with the world.

Can you relate?

Do you sometimes feel like you have two parts to you aswell? One as an entrepreneur building a thriving business and another as you; the friend, the parent, the carer, the partner…every day you?

For most of us, building our own business and becoming an entrepreneur is a life we work hard to achieve. Sometimes it can become all consuming, and you find yourself thinking, talking, breathing about your “business baby”.

I will never be one to pretend the road to success as a coach is all rainbows and lollipops! The first few years can be hard-going and truth be told, most of us love that when it is all shiny and new. But if we are not careful, too much focus on any one area of life can be detrimental.

To maintain a healthy, balanced life, it's important for you to schedule fun, mindlessness and improving your life balance which in turn will sharpen your business brain. Here are my 7 top tips for keeping your life in balance while staying connected to the purpose-driven maven that you are.


1. Let it go

Do you worry that if you’re not working 24 hours a day, your business will suffer? It sounds so obvious, but is easier to fall into than it sounds. Dropping this fear will naturally bring more productivity and a sense of satisfaction as you will enjoy your work. Quite often I send my private clients home to 'do nothing' for a week - burnout is the quickest ticket to a boring and unsuccessful business. And last week while away at the retreat, I scheduled social media posts, and course work for my clients ahead of time and nobody even noticed I was gone!

2. Book in down time

It is important to schedule time for activities that allow you to recharge and add value to your life. Some ideas include a walk at lunchtime, a regular chai tea with dynamic friends and reserved time for family activities. These scheduled times will give you fun times to look forward too and as you’ve booked them in, you’ll be more motivated to keep your plans. After last weeks retreat I set up a new little 'Restorative Nook' in my apartment and now have restorative time booked in between the end of the working day and family evenings.

3. Technology holiday

Having access to so many communication devices is awesome as an entrepreneur but we can become too attached! Allocate a day (Sunday is my fav) or time period and switch off your phone completely – you will be amazed at how much you can get done without this added distraction and how present you can be in other areas of your life instead. You need to separate work and life, which starts with freeing your mind from everything to take time for yourself. When hanging in the bush retreat last week it was so freeing to never pick up the phone to 'check' on anything - and guess what - the world didn't even fall apart!

4. Become a student

Expand your knowledge whilst firing up your brains pathways by learning something new. When we take on a role as coach or teacher it is also important to take time to be the student. Take a short course or weekend retreat like I did, read a new business magazine, try learning a musical instrument or enrol in an online program. Scheduling this time for you ensures time away from the computer and as you’ve made a commitment to participate, this will ensure you shut off and remain present. I learnt some wonderful new yoga practises, spiritual concepts and made beautiful new friends, all in just a few days of stepping into being the student.

5. Health and wellness

Being an entrepreneur, your business relies on your alertness to capture opportunities and ability to focus. Make sure that you are putting yourself first by eating well, getting enough sleep and exercising. Schedule workouts in your diary and make sure you fit it in. If not, you’ll most likely regret it when you start seeing a negative impact. While I eat pretty cleanly by anyones standards, it did amaze me how full of energy I felt after the retreat after eating super duper clean and nourishing food for only a few days. My brain feels so clear this week as a result!

Remind yourself that those things are critical to thinking, creating and performing at your best, and make sure you stand firm to your commitments to all three.

6. Delegate

Often we find much of our time bogged down by tasks we don’t have the expertise including bookkeeping, marketing and admin work, but for many your budget doesn’t allow you to hire full-time help. Odesk is a great resource for outsourcing small business tasks with no commitment and can free you up to do tasks you love.

Consider also delegating more of your “life” duties including childcare, cleaning and grocery shopping to your partner. Having that extra bit of help will give you more time to spend with your family and friends and reconnect. It took me a while to convince my husband that we needed a housekeeper and a chef but hey, he now loves it more than I do and our weekends are spent together not cleaning!

7. You time

There’s a good chance you’re a Type-A and overwork yourself when you are building a business. (I make that guess as your ambition has no doubt driven you to pursue a new career) But to avoid overworking and burn out, schedule in down time just like you do meetings and appointments. Ideally, 30 minutes each day should be dedicated to slowing down to allow your brain to relax and ideas to flow. Try meditating, going for a walk (leave your headphones), sitting with a cup of tea or just simply being still. For me it's often as simple as picking up an Almond Milk chai in the middle of the day and sipping it by the beach between clients - a 20 minute 'me time' break can feel like I've had hours to myself!

Let me know in the comments below how you implement Self-Care while being the super-driven business owner you are!


Are You Too Nice To Start Making Money?

Are you too nice to start making money


This week’s Business Bites we’re focusing on when does being too nice impact on your business? There is a big difference between being too nice and being kind - people are kind and compassionate when they're confident and comfortable with who they are. Usually possessing a level of positive self-esteem, they're not overly preoccupied with how others see them.

An overly nice person often feels more insecure, and seek the approval and validation of others. This type of person tries to please others and thus an often be seen as a great friend but not a business entrepreneur. 



Mind Body Green recently posted a great article which dives into the issue many entrepreneurs face which I wanted to share with you. Often a subtle shift in the way we present ourselves can result in increased success.