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The 6 Secrets to Believing You’re an Expert Health Coach

6 secrets to being a health coaching expert


One of the biggest statements I hear from the new Health Coaches I mentor is, “I don’t feel confident enough to portray myself as an expert.” The word, “expert” is loaded with all sorts of insecurity-raising vibes that trigger feelings about our self-worth and am-I-good-enough-ness. 

Remember, you only have to be two steps ahead of someone to help them. That doesn’t give you instant expert status, but it does serve as a reminder that your starting point is already ahead of those who want your help.

Let’s explore some of my secrets to believing in yourself and your worth as a Health Coach: 



SECRET #1: Being comfortable about what being an expert means is key

According to, the definition of an expert is:  A person who has special skill or knowledge in some particular field. 

Yes. That’s literally what an expert is. I bet you would agree that you have special skills or knowledge as a Health Coach.

Firstly, you have a qualification. Secondly, I’m sure you mostly know what you’re talking about when it comes to the area of the wellness industry you’re passionate about.

To get yourself feeling a little better about this, I’d like you to write down everything you know about being a Health Coach. 

Then write down the skills you have. Finish off with what areas of health and well-being you believe you know more about than most. 

Read over what you’ve written and notice how much better you feel about what being an expert means.

SECRET #2: Following experts gives you a great reference point for your own expert-ness

You’ve probably already got a few Health Coaches who inspire you that you follow. If you haven’t yet, you’ll find a list over at my blog about Getting Started as a Health Coach 

Have a look at how they brand themselves. What skills do they have? What knowledge do they share? What do they do that makes them look like an expert? Can you do what they’re doing? What would you need to do to do what they’re doing?

The crucial key here is to not fall into 'comparison' but instead see what you admire in them as possible for you. Success leaves clues!

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SECRET #3: Believing your self-talk about not having enough experience holds you back

Every expert started out with no experience. We all have to start somewhere. Don’t let your self-talk about this hold you back.

Marie Forleo, who created her multimillion dollar socially conscious empire from scratch, started her own coaching business when she was just 23 years old.  She says she coached everybody who’d let her - for free. 

Sometimes it’s about doing what you can to get that uber-valuable, first-hand experience that’s going to make you feel more like an expert in your field (and even some testimonials on your website).

The fact that you have a qualification means you’ve got plenty to work with to start building experience. 

Take 5 minutes and watch Marie’s take on wanting to be a coach HERE


SECRET #4: There is huge power in creating a daily mantra and using affirmations

I highly recommend a daily mantra to go with your morning routine. Mantras can help you stay focused on your dream when the going gets tough or your monkey mind starts to chime in telling you you're not good enough. Mantras actually help to reprogram the subconscious mind aswell, so over time you WILL believe the manta, even if you feel a little crazy at the beginning. 

If you’re after some affirmation ideas, here are 10 Self-Affirmations to Hack Self-Confidence Daily or check out one of the many wonderful books by Louise Hay.


SECRET #5: Developing your coaching material sets an expert intention

If you have a toolkit planned for your coaching clients, or a program outline, get working on developing the materials so that you feel like you’re ready to impart your knowledge and skills with something to back you up.

Often the reason new coaches don't feel confident is that they just haven't yet taken this next step in the journey of pulling all of their knowledge into one reliable toolkit. When I teach this in the UPswing Mastermind, new coaches are often shocked to realise just how much knowledge they are sitting on.


SECRET #6: Getting it wrong is part of the journey

Everyone makes mistakes. They are the best way to fine-tune things as you move forward in your coaching business. 

One of the quickest ways to grow as a Health Coach is to notice where you went wrong, and then decide how you’re going to do it differently the next time.

Your clients don’t know what you’re going to say, so they probably won’t even realise you’ve done or said anything wrong if you happen to make a mistake during a coaching session. Acknowledge it to yourself. Check in on why it happened and what you could have done to act differently. Make a decision to try an improved way next time. Move on.

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Remember that you are a coach - not a doctor, naturopath or specialist. You are meant to 'coach' not be a walking dictionary on every single health issue known to man. So be kind to yourself and embrace the role of a Health Coach to bring about your own unique contribution to the world.


Feeling low in confidence is the number one reason I see new coaches waste far too long sitting on the sidelines. We all have to go through the 'beginner' stage, but the quicker we dive in, the quicker we will start to grow into the expert we desire to be.

There are no shortcuts, so dive on in today!

Amanda x


Do you think these 6 secrets to believing you’re an expert Health Coach have helped? Do you have any secrets of your own to share? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.