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How to Make Decisions in Business

How to make decisions in your business


Quite honestly, I'm not always the most decisive person...

A few years ago I went to a business event and walked away with a flyer for a ‘Business Mastermind’ program.
I was super excited.
At that time I was really struggling in my new business as a Health Coach. I was working with a handful of clients but it was still such a struggle.
I really had no idea what I was doing. And I wanted to succeed so bad!
After this day of learning ‘business’ I was so excited at the concept of this Mastermind program. None of this had been taught in my health coaching course.
I thought I’d found the answers to my prayers.

On the plan ride back to Sydney I devoured every single word of that beautiful brochure...
And then I saw the price.

Needless to say I put the flyer away in my bag, feeling disappointed that I wouldn't be able to join.

I had finally found some 'hope' and I couldn't have it - I was crushed.
The idea however would not go away. The next few weeks became a blur of internal chaos.
'Logically' I couldn’t possibly consider that cost – I wasn’t making more than about $500 a month at that stage (In fact probably not even that)

But I kept coming back to the brochure. And I couldn’t let the idea go.
So then came the scariest piece of all…
Asking my husband.

Let’s just say that did not go down well. It’s probably the only BIG argument we’ve ever had about my business. $9k was pretty hard to justify and he wanted ‘proof’ that this ‘mastermind’ concept would deliver results.
This particular Mastermind did not offer a structured curriculum or anything tangible.
It just offered ‘masterminding’ which was the most ‘airy-fairy’ concept to sell to my husband.

"You know, there will be other ladies and we will like get to talk about our businesses and stuff".

(Note ladies - do not talk to your husbands about business investments in this way - ever!)
After weeks of deliberating I made a huge DECISION for myself.

If someone could help me do what I so desperately wanted to do in my business, why would I not take that support?
I said YES.
Despite logic, despite my fears (they were huge), despite any concept of where it would take me.
I just knew that I HAD to make this Health Coaching thing work no-matter-what.

And I did.
By the end of the 6-month mastermind I was making $5k+ a month as a health coach and was making passive income from my detox program the ‘Driven Woman’s Detox’.
I have invested in my business many times since and I can honestly say every-single-time it is scary.
Decision making is not only a skill that needs to be practiced in business but is actually one of the key steps of Wealth Consciousness as laid out in Napoleon Hill’s all time classic ‘Think and Grow Rich’.



Let me know in the comments below, what decision do you need to make this week? Is 'decision making' an area you need to strengthen too?