How to Use Your Facebook Business Page as a Health Coach


Hey beauty!

In today's blog post and FB Live video 👆🏼👆🏽👆🏾I'm going to teach you the keys to a killer Facebook Business Page as a Health Coach, and give you some essential action steps to take once to improve yours.  

When you read the post, or watch the video (it's your call!) you will learn:

  • Why having a Facebook presence is important…

  • My top tips for optimising your FB Business Page…

  • How to create consistent content that helps grow your business..

  • What’s working on the platform right now...

(And I want you to know that these tips are up-to-the-minute and reflect the most recent algorithm changes that have taken place over the last few months.)

So let’s dive in!

1. The 4 Reasons to Have a Facebook Business Page

There are 4 reasons WHY you should have a Facebook business page for your health coaching or wellness business... (And these can also double up as GOALS for your page moving forwards).

Your Facebook Business Page can help you to:

  1. To grow and nurture a target audience who are super interested in your services…

  2. To be highly searchable on the internet - so that people can easily find you online!

  3. To drive traffic FROM Facebook to your website…(and likely back again!)

  4. And to move people FROM a social media platform like Facebook ONTO your email marketing list (that YOU own - so you always want to be growing that list)

It’s really important to remember that Facebook is NOT about a popularity contest…

It’s about the conversion rate that you have on your page, and it’s about the genuine engagement that you have as well. 

So please, don’t get so fixated on your follower numbers that you lose sight of why you’re on there in the first place.

  • To grow and nurture a target audience

  • To be searchable, and be easily found online!

  • To drive traffic from FB to your website.

  • To move people from FB onto your email list.

2. the 3 things you must optimise on your BIZ PAGE

To build a high-converting, high-impact page. 

These are things to look at on your current page if you already have one - or things to keep it mind when you set one up!

Number one = your profile picture…  
Number two = your cover photo…
Number three = your username…  


Make your profile picture a bright, clear and crisp photo of YOU smiling directly at the camera - it’s so important to cultivate that connection right from the get go.

Your Cover Photo.

You want your cover photo to be a great lead magnet - think of it as a digital billboard that your client sees the first second they get on your page.  

So your cover photo doesn’t need to be another photo of you. Instead, use that cover photo to promote an opt-in (a valuable free gift that you are offering to your clients to get them on your email list) - or a billboard for your services, your offerings or your message - perhaps by sharing a powerful tagline on your cover image.


Amanda Jane Daley Facebook Cover Photo

Your Username.

Make it as close to your business name as you can get. Clear is better than clever, always! You want your page to be highly searchable and easily found!

Now you’ve got your FB Business page up and running, your next step is to…

3. Post content that ties back to your business

To do this I recommend choosing 5 or 6 categories - what I call brand pillars.

So for a health coach these categories might be - gluten-free food, functional fitness, inspiration, transcendental meditation, non-toxic lifestyle and hormonal health!

Or more simply: nutrition, fitness, inspiration, meditation, essential oils.

Then, all you need to do  is to post to ONE of those different categories each day…

You do a post for category 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, then go back around and rinse, and repeat!

When you’re doing this you’re giving a FULL STORY of who you are, who your brand is, what your business does, and what people can expect from you… Plus it makes it a lot easier to create content. 👏🏼

Remember, scheduling and consistency is key!

I know you know this already, but you really don’t want to disappear and fall off the face of the earth when you’re working hard to build a tribe and a following online.

If you can, try to batch create all of your FB Business Page content in the first week of the month - or on the first day of the week if a month feels too big a task - and then schedule it all to go out automatically.

This way you’re keeping it consistent, and staying in touch with your ever-growing community every day.  

Is this post helpful for your health coaching business? If so, grab your FREE copy of my How to Use Your Facebook Page guide by clicking the image below! 



4. best practises to maximise your post reach

I strongly recommend you schedule posts directly through Facebook rather than through a 3rd party program like Later or MeetEdgar so that your posts are favoured by the algorithm.  

That’s best practice if you’re really looking to maximise your reach on Facebook.

Likewise, it is best practice is to minimise your outbound links - because Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t love them, and wants to keep you on the app for as long as possible!

So use them only for what’s really important - getting people to your website or having them opt-in to your mailing list, for example.

That’s what really matters.

Not sharing a video that someone else posted on YouTube. 😉

5. switch on reviews & share testimonials

The beauty of Facebook is that you can have other people do your marketing for you!

To do this, be sure to share messages from friends, raving fans, or clients talking about how amazing you are (and your services, of course!).  

You don’t need to do ALL the heavy lifting with marketing, let your clients and your community do some of it for you. 

Make sure that at LEAST once a week, you’re sharing a testimonial, some kind words, or sharing some results your clients are getting on your FB Business Page.

And open your FB Business Page up for Reviews if you want to really amp up your credibility, and start to notch up those 4 or 5 star reviews. Ask your happy clients to leave a review on FB that you then repurpose for your website. 

6. your analytics are your secret weapon!

Review Your ‘Insights Tab’ on Facebook!

Then when you review your analytics and your numbers, you will figure out what’s working, what’s not, and that will help you refine your content strategy. :)

So read the Insights Tab on your Facebook Page - then you can keep track of how different posts are performing.

The analytics tab is 4th from the left when you open up your Facebook Business Page!

The analytics tab is 4th from the left when you open up your Facebook Business Page!

You want to look at WHEN people are most engaged by seeing which posts get the most traction (so you can schedule your posts and FB Lives for when people are most online) and be aware of WHAT kind of content they like and engage with the most.

Remember, you always want to make sure that you’re talking to your niche, and your audience is loving your content.

So if you get tons of views and engagement on videos, but hardly any likes on random food pics, maybe your page needs to be more videos! Every audience is different!

remember: Failure is your Friend...

Facebook (and social media in general) really is a science!  This is why studying your analytics is so important, and I will get to that in just a second...

But if you take one thing away from this blog post, it’s that it’s so OK to fail!  What I mean by that is, if a post doesn’t get much engagement or likes or reach - then that is SUCH valuable information.

You will never ever learn anything about social media WITHOUT putting out content that doesn’t perform so great.  We’ve all been there many times! When that happens, all you need to do is try something different next time! Then review again...  

You’ll quickly start to see what works and what doesn’t.

7. Now is a good time to start a Facebook Group

You’ll probably have noticed that FB is showing more posts from friends’ and family in your feed of late. That is due to the saturation of advertising on Facebook, and Facebook’s move back towards community in the latest algorithm change...  

If you go and have a look today, you’ll see that you’re also getting a lot more GROUP posts in your feed - again, that is because of the latest algorithm change -  

Facebook is favouring Facebook Groups over Facebook Business pages, in terms of how much your content is seen, because groups are community based…

So if you can also create a FB group, that’s a really great thing to do!!

This is just a change that took place maybe 1-2 months ago, and it is something to keep in mind.

You absolutely, 100% still need a FB Business Page — so if this feels like a LOT, don’t worry, pour your focus there…  

The Facebook Group piece is just something to keep in mind as you grow your online presence, and as you evolve your business. If you’re at a more advanced stage it is DEFINITELY something to think a about.

📝 So your homework from this blog post is to:

  • Optimise your Facebook Business Page by making sure your username is clear, your profile pic is a great photo of you smiling at the camera, and cover page is a lead magnet or business billboard…

  • Share consistent content across your brand pillars, scheduling directly through Facebook not a third party…

  • Ask your happy clients to review your services on your Facebook Business Page…

  • Look at your analytics in the Facebook 'Insights' section every week or month so you can see what content is working best, and what your best time to post is…

  • Consider starting a Facebook Group, since Facebook favours them…

  • And don’t be afraid of failure! That’s where the ✨gold ✨is with social media - and is a necessary part of learning how to shine online, and figuring out what your audience wants. 


Amanda  xx

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