How to find your creative flow (lessons from NYC)

How to find your creative flow


I see so many new Health Coaches get stuck on being creative – coming up with ways to market their purposeful packages, getting creative with naming their packages and programs, coming up with website and sales page copy that sells or creating blog posts that knock their readers socks off.

I’ve witnessed an idea that perhaps some people are ‘born’ more creative than others. I happen to think it is not that way at all.



My experience has been that we can choose to CREATE our state at any stage – speaking as someone who has been through design school and being an art director for years (when I was, honestly, naturally better at subjects like maths).

In other words, it is not something we are born with – but something we can choose.

The key to choosing creating your creative state is to start taking note of what fuels you - know what energises you and gets you in a state of creative flow.

I am currently staying with my friend here in NYC.  Over our morning lemon water catch up earlier, we reflected on how we were both setting ourselves up for a massively creative day.

She had cleared her schedule of any distractions, and was staying home to work on her bed - the quietest place possible, so that she could really focus and get creative.

Luckily for me, her wanting me out of the house to do this worked out perfectly, as I, too, had set the intent to have a massively creative day, in my own way.

I was heading out the door to my favourite hotel lobby in midtown NYC, which has loud old-school music, funky industrial interiors, other driven people creating away and a fantastic set up for co-working (in fact, I’m currently sitting in that lobby, and this is about the 10th blog post I’ve churned out so far).

So, there is actually no right or wrong way to create our state. It’s about getting to know yourself well.

The beauty of being an entrepreneur is that we can choose our ideal conditions and set ourselves up for greater enjoyment, creativity and outcomes by honouring the path to creating our creative state.


Challenge for the week:  Start to carry a notebook and take notice of how your state appears in different scenarios.

Get clear on where and when you feel most tuned in to your creativity.

Take note of what fuels you

As I said above, take note of what fuels you, such as the space you like to create in:  My friend loves quite, distractionless surroundings, while I love to be immersed in a vibrant environment.

Do you have a ritual that gets you in the ‘zone’? Do you set an intention for how you want your creative time to flow?

Identify how you like to work

Do you like to work in 20 minute chunks or 3 hour chunks? Are you more likely to feel inspired to work in the early morning? Or late at night?


The world needs your impact as a coach – and it’s up to you to find the way that best works for you to take massive action with great joy.

I’d love to hear what you find fuels you personally for massive creative action. What things are you already doing to create your creative state? Perhaps you have an idea that others can be inspired by, or that will shine some clarity on what might work for them. Leave a comment below so we can all learn from each other!  

Amanda xx