Health Coaches and the Rise of the Feminine

A few weeks ago I attended a beautiful event ~ RISE ~ hosted by Rebecca Van Leeuwen from Soul Sister Circle. This was a truly gorgeous evening, filled with organic food, soulful music, sacred sisterhood, divine wisdom, and high vibes. 

The focus of the evening was on the rising of the “feminine”. And as Career Coach Megan Dalla-Camina and Julie Parker, founder of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy gave their talks, I had a massive ‘AHA’ moment, which I’m sharing with you today.

This movement is something that needs to be spoken about in terms of Health Coaching and how WE show up as Health Coaches in the world.

For several years now, I have noticed this conversation around “the feminine energy” rising, in the world and in business.

In my UPswing Mastermind I teach a lot about embracing the feminine aspect of building a business — because this is something I am incredibly passionate about.

For those of you that aren’t aware of this concept — the masculine side is all about taking action, it’s that “doing” mentality, the focus on working hard, and achieving more.  

The feminine side is all about self-care: lifting your vibration, receiving, movement, pampering, meditation, intuition and visualisation.

The feminine is non-negotiable. This was the key message of the evening for me. And this is the key message that I have for you.

Women today are being called to step into our true feminine selves. To drop the masculine masks and layers, and embrace our inherent feminine qualities.  

I truly believe that self-care is no longer going to be some optional "nice thing" that you do with your girlfriends, or as a treat when you’re burnt out and exhausted.  

It’s an imperative, essential, integral part of our operating system.

So, what does this mean for you?

I believe that Health Coaches are meant to lead this movement and conversation. And that as Health Coaches we have to start massively walking our talk. We have to live in integrity with our teachings, and practice what we preach.

We need to embrace massive self-care: Pampering, nourishing, cultivating connection, nurturing relationships, looking after ourselves.

I truly believe that women everywhere are ready to step back into themselves - and they need to know how to do that. They need people — like health coaches — who are showing them how to look after themselves, and teaching them all about self-care.

The time is now to rise up, and lead like a woman.

Love, Amanda x

* All event photos captured by the beautiful and talented Kristy from Klee Photography, courtesy of Soul Sister Circle.