Is the health coaching market already full?

Is the health coaching market already full


Over the last few days I have been talking to a number of awesome ladies who are looking to join the UPswing Mastermind

I have noticed one particular theme coming up that I wanted to talk about with our whole community. 

I’ve noticed that many of you are concerned that the Health Coaching market is already saturated, full, over-crowded.   

That it is ‘too late’ to get into business. That there is ‘no room for me’ 

These are perfect examples of the ‘Scarcity Mentality’ that I taught on my signature Masterclass ‘3 Keys to Unlock your $5k months as a Health Coach’ last week and honestly – they are just NOT TRUE. 

So here’s the thing – honestly, there is SO MUCH room for more health coaches in the world – but the old way of doing business is what needs to change. 

My mum has run her own business as a hairdresser for over 40 years. She works in a small block of shops, in a small suburb, in Auckland, New Zealand – and at any one time there are up to 5 other hairdressing salons in the SAME block of shops. 

And guess what – there is ALWAYS plenty of business. 

When someone decides to become a hairdresser after they leave school, they don’t hold back because other people have already done it! 

The only difference is that hairdressing is already a mainstream occupation and health coaching is still NEW. 

What does this mean for you? 

Actually – it means the exact opposite of what you think… 

It means YOU are actually the leader. 

Collectively, we are still the leaders in this important new profession and it is up to US to get our work out there so that people get the support on their health that they deserve to live happy and healthy lives.



Now there is one ‘bad’ piece of news. 

The truth is that the ‘old way’ of being a health coach is kinda saturated. 
It’s not longer enough to be ‘just a health coach’ – that novelty has indeed passed. 

There is no point copying Kris Carr’s website and expecting overnight success – it just won’t work. 

It’s time to get smart with our marketing and our message and treat our businesses like any other business in the world would do to have a true impact. 

Business for Health Coaches has grown up. 

And that’s the good news. It means as a profession we can now make a BIG impact (and income for ourselves along the way) 

For those joining UPswing Mastermind in 2016 we will be really working on ‘positioning’ your business so that there simply can not be any competition. 

That old story of ‘there’s no room for me’ will be banished for good. 

This is one of my personal superpowers that I’ve done for myself but until now haven’t taught anyone – it’s brand new for my clients this year. 

Millions of people are struggling with their health right now, and the only thing stopping them getting health coaching support is that the health coaches are being held back by limiting mindsets or old beliefs, lack of business training and lack of positioning. 

The old way of business is NOT the new way, and for those who are ready to fly in 2016 I would love to show you what truly works! 

I am running an encore of my ‘3 Keys to Unlock your $5k Months as a Health Coach’ Masterclass this week and will be breaking down these mindset blocks together on the call, before then walking you through my step-by-step plan for making $5k per month as a health coach. 

I would love to have you live on the call at the following times (Europe, US and Australia friendly). 

The call is happening on: 

Thu 28th Jan, 8am Sydney 
Wed 27th Jan, 1pm LA 
Wed 27th Jan, 4pm NY 
Wed 27th Jan, 9pm London




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This will be the last chance to receive my personal $5k per month 'Healthy Business Plan' and complimentary training. 

And yes, there will be a replay for just 48 hours after if you really can’t make it live – you will just need to register to receive that. 

I love nothing more than sharing this information with those of you who are ready to take action on your dreams – can’t wait to see you there! 

Amanda xx