UPswing Mastermind is now open for applications

Upswing Mastermind is now open for applications

Hey healthy lady,

Feeling as though there are some barriers holding you back from succeeding as a Health Coach?

Not sure if you can really 'have it all'?

You want a business that allows you a stress-free working environment where you can work on your own terms.

You want financial stability and at the same time feel like you have a purpose in the world.

Ideal, reliable and long-term clients are part of your vision for what success looks like.

And a big dose of flexibility and location independence is important.

But right now it feels like there are some invisible barriers holding you back...

It's like you're stuck in a cage flailing about - you can see what's possible - and it's within your reach but you just can't break free.

Frustrating right??

These are all topics that we discussed on my live masterclass training yesterday!

It was exactly the same for me (that's how I know that feeling so well) - just a few short years ago - but after spending a lot of time and money I was able to sort through what worked in building a coaching business, what was important and what was wasting my time. Now I want to give you the keys that can shortcut all of that for you.

I want to show you exactly how to get up and running in your Health Coaching business!!

I am excited to announce that doors have opened again for the UPswing Mastermind.

The UPswing Mastermind is for you if you're ready to move your Health Coaching from a hobby to a thriving business.


And because I have a sweet spot for 'fast action takers' I have released a very special offer: until 20th June, you can apply to get $500 off (or $100 a month off the monthly payment plan)

Check out all of the details of UPswing Mastermind here>>

My signature program is for you if you want to work with someone to get through those barriers and get out of that cage, and those blocks, and really help designing your packages and programs and exactly how you’re going to get those clients - I can help.

We will get you super clear on your unique target market, your signature coaching package that your ideal client is literally waiting to buy and what to charge.

We will work out your own action plan for exactly how to get clients (before you even touch a website or any techy pieces).

We'll then get you super confident on having those sales conversations and onboarding your new clients so that they get amazing results!

And from there, yes then we will also get you all set up with your website, brand and marketing - including how to create Facebook ads, webinars and your own tribe of raving fans.

During the UPswing Mastermind - I guide you step by step to get you out of that cage and have a solid action plan which you will implement and take action on to get your regular clients - building to your $5k month as a Health Coach.

I only take a very limited number of people in this program as it is important for me to keep the 1:1 attention as part of the program to ensure all participants really get this system up and running in our time together.

Acceptance is by application and interview process only to ensure we have a rocking group of woman who are all truly committed to their own Health Coaching business success.

Find out more about the UPswing Mastermind here >>

And get your application in before the 20th June to receive the exclusive 'fast-action' bonus price.


BTW - by submitting your application there is no obligation. If I think you could be a good fit for the program we will jump in the phone together to explore the opportunity. So if you think this 'could' be for you, I encourage you to apply asap as spots do run out quick.