A Real Deal Glimpse Behind The Scenes

A real life glimpse behind the scenes


I just got back from a week up the coast in Burleigh Heads. I went to a yoga retreat last weekend, immersing myself in the depth of nature in the mountains (yes again…) and then decided to spend the week up there on the beach front combining some massive relaxation with massive action.

Yes, that seemed like a contradiction in terms when I set that intention, but you know what - it worked. 

I got so much work done along with a huge dose of sleep, beach walking and connection with friends up there too.

In fact so much stillness and quietness for the week has brought through some new clarity for my business which you will see unfold as the year progresses.



I would really just like to stop for a moment and say what a joy it has been getting to know so many new faces over the last few months.

You healthy ladies really do rock my world with your dedication to getting the message of health out there to those who need it!

I have also been receiving many emails asking how my UPswing Mastermind ladies are getting on and this got me thinking.

I realised that there is always a lot of ‘action’ when I put the program on sale, but then we all go quiet and get to work ‘behind-the-scenes’ for 6 months and no-one else hears of all the fun and games unfolding.

So I decided to jump on skype with a couple of ladies over the last few weeks and ask them to share their journey so far in the UPswing Mastermind with you all, so that you can hear what it is really like to be building your Health Coaching business in such a concentrated way.

These are not the glossy “I made $10k in a day” kinda messages we are blasted with every time we jump online - not at all - these are the real deal behind-the-scenes stories of growing a health coaching business - warts and all!

No sugar-coating here baby - because as Health Coaches we know the dangers of sugar right? ;-)

So with no further adieu, I’m excited to share with you the first in my ‘Behind The Scenes of UPswing Mastermind’ interviews. Click here to view the first one >>



I invite you to pop over and watch my interview with Erin Laishley straight away >>

I’ll be adding more to the series over the next few weeks, so stay tuned.