How to Attract Clients By Christmas - Step #9

How to attract clients by Christmas step 9




Be proud of who you are and what you have to offer. Share your Health Coaching offers with great excitement….

We’re on the home straight now ladies – Step 9 reminds you to be fully and authentically you.

Not only is there really no other way to be in the long run, but also this is the X-factor that will have you stand out from the crowd, attract dream clients and feel truly ALIVE in your business.

If you build a business on someone else’s model, it won’t last…

When you come from a place of creation and are willing to bring all of YOU out of hiding and into your business game, people are really going to feel it, even if they can’t pinpoint why.

You will exude a magnetism that money can’t buy…

You only really want to work with clients with like-minded values and beliefs – they’re the ones you’ll love working with and jump to pay you to do so. And guess what? The way to attract them to be more YOU!

 Let go of the opinions of others. You are here to ‘serve’ not ‘prove yourself.’  When you are so worried of rejection it is purely speculation and you will communicate with a filter and not from your heart. People truly feel the difference!! 

Go forth and keep on going with purpose from your heart BEFORE the clients show up – it will happen if you keep going with persistence – it might not happen overnight but if you are persistent it will happen.

Anything you desire is meant for you!


"I wrote an honest blog post about why I was changing my practice (from weight loss to depression) and had someone I've never met contact me to ask about my program and had more visits to my site than ever before"

Cecile Weigle -


Action Step: Bring more of YOU into everything you do in your business. Great photos can help others connect with you via your brand and add an extra ‘oomph’ of professionalism to your online presence.