How to Attract Clients By Christmas - Step #6

How to attract clients by Christmas step 6




I held a workshop and received two enquiries for discovery calls and gained a new client. - Erin Smallbon -


It’s been a long year and everyone is ready to let their hair down a little and unwind for the year. Why not be the one to rally the troops this year- health coach style?

Can you believe we’re up to step 6 already in ‘Clients by Christmas’ – how are you going with getting new clients?  If you’ve missed any of the previous steps, you can find them over on my blog here >>

Although I was never one to really organize many parties in the past, one thing I loved doing as soon as I started my Health Coaching business was to host my own events to spread the word of health and educate people on what I was now doing.

Hands down, Step 6 is not only one of the most effective ways I know to get clients – but also super fun.

Like any party – the world is your oyster on the creativity front. Create an event your ideal client would love to come to and enjoy hanging out together for a few hours.

I have run several workshops and events as a coach, ranging from a Healthy High Tea where I served up an amazing raw afternoon tea, decorated the place uber beautifully and had a great group of women hanging out for the afternoon where I shared my top tips for getting healthy in today’s busy world. A number of my first clients came from this Healthy High Tea.

I have hosted intimate events in beautiful hotel rooms and held joint workshops with like-minded coaches where I get the joy of meeting so many people in person. Then on the other end of the spectrum I more regularly host larger hangouts on-line where driven health Coaches from around the world all join me online for a few hours of teaching and fun. These types of events consistently get me clients and my own clients love hosting events like these of their own.


5 fun ways to get clients by creating your own party, workshop, teleclass or meetup:

1.     Host your own (Christmas inspired) talks locally in Yoga studios, libraries or community event areas

2.     Host your own health end of year Christmas party

3.     Host a local meetup group (try using for people likely to be your ideal clients

4.     Host a webinar online (I love to use google hangouts or Webinar Jam)

5.     Host a teleclass online – people can call in online or on their phone


Any time of year is a good excuse for a party, but of course Christmas is always a great excuse – and an excellent chance to demonstrate how to get through the most challenging time of year diet wise.


I created a French meetup group and one of the members signed up as a client prior to the first event! - Danielle Gardner,


ACTION STEP: There’s more than enough reasons to celebrate the end of the year – so set a date and send out your invites asap.