How to Attract Clients By Christmas - Step #5

How to attract clients by Christmas step 5



Are you afraid of sounding salesy?


“Amanda taught me a new way to view sales. In my first week of putting myself out there, I scheduled 5 discovery sessions from conversations with people I knew and signed 2 paying clients.” - Kylie Muratore


Is this fear holding you back from getting clients as a Health Coach?

The first four steps in my new series ‘Clients by Christmas’ introduced you to some of my top tips for getting clients when first starting out as a Health Coach.  If you missed any of the previous steps, you can find them over on my blog here >>

All of those steps have worked for me and for my private clients in getting clients of their own, but if you happen to miss Step 5 while doing these, you could be wasting your time…

Step 5 is one of the biggest reasons Health Coaches don’t get clients. They are so fearful of sounding salesy when talking about their program that they are embarrassed or fearful to ask for the sale.

It’s true that selling your program as a Health Coach is scary to start with – the truth is you’re essentially selling YOURSELF!

Luckily I’ve learnt to view promotion or selling as a healing conversation and I want to show you how to do the same. You’ll be confidently asking for the dance in no time – fear of rejection be gone!


Here are some of the key mindsets and beliefs to selling with soul not sleaze:

“Remember that no-one can be helped by your services if you don’t tell them about it”

“Believe that others WANT your help“

“Know that what you have to offer is of the highest value to someone who is in pain in an area of their health “

“Know that by holding back the mention of your program, someone may remain in pain unnecessarily”

“Know that because one person says ‘no’, doesn’t mean that everyone will say ‘no’ – you gotta find the people who value your offering.”

“The beauty of a soulful sales conversation is the possibility that opens when a client has healing possibilities presented for something they are in pain with“

“A discovery session is purely that – a chance to discover together whether your program would be of genuine benefit to a potential client“


I always think of it this way, if I was struggling with an area of my health and a friend had a solution, I would certainly want to hear about it!


“I made a personal call to tell someone I thought she’d be a great fit for my program, we had a beautiful conversation exploring whether it was the right fit for her and she immediately said yes!”

Cecile Weigle,


ACTION STEP: Share the benefits of your program and then confidently ask people if they would like to meet for a complimentary Health History or Discovery Session to explore whether your program is the right fit for them.


Tip: There truly is a fine art of sales as Health Coach – Health Coaching is simply quite a unique product to sell and therefore it needs to be tackled in an equally unique way.