How to Attract Clients By Christmas - Step #4

How to attract clients by Christmas step 4



I posted about my complimentary Discovery Session on FB and an old co-worker reached out to book one in. She’s now a paying client!

Stephanie Cook,


One of the real keys to growth as a Health Coach is to surround yourself with like-minded driven people. We’ve all heard the saying that our success is a direct result of the top 5 people we surround ourselves with – and it’s true!

However, this mindset can get new and eager Health Coaches confused, turning their back on the people from their past – the exact people who could possibly benefit from their work as a coach!

Welcome to step 4 of Clients by Christmas, if you have missed the previous 3 steps, pop over and view them on my blog here >>

Step 4 is an unexpected step but one that I have truly seen Health Coaches up their game with when they embrace both their past and their future.

For me, I turned my back on my advertising past when I became a Health Coach, quick to blame the industry for my burnout and frustration in life. Once I embraced all the AWESOMENESS of my career in advertising it created a whole new world for me in my coaching business, essentially leading to the transition from Health Coaching to Business Coaching.

When I started Health Coaching, it was so refreshing to be in a shiny new world and meeting so many like-minded new people that I totally missed that people from my past may have loved what I was doing too. I had a false belief that I would be judged for my new found passion and that they wouldn’t be interested in health, however when I launched my program they unexpectedly became some of my first clients and loyal followers – I was even invited back to my old company to give a workshop on Health!

It’s easy to forget the many people who have come in and out of your life along the way and you never know who may be looking for support on their health.

On facebook you are often ‘friends’ with people from years ago, on Linked In you have connections from each job you have worked at and your phone is probably full of contacts you’ve lost touch with along the way.

Christmas is such a lovely time to reconnect regardless of promoting your business, so why not get back in touch with some old faces and enjoy swapping stories of what you’re both up to now.

Or give it a personal touch by sending out a Christmas Card of personal email, remembering to mention what you do as a Health Coach. (Remember Step 2? If you don’t tell them they simply won’t know)


I sent a newsletter out, and someone I knew from years ago signed up for my program. Cecile Weigle,


ACTION STEP: Reach out to colleagues from your past and let them know what you’re now up to. Update your LinkedIn profile so all past connections can see what you are now up to.


Tip: While I believe it is important to stay connected to people from all stages of your life, I equally know for certain that when you are really wanting to take a step up in your business it is near impossible to do so without surrounding yourself with like-minded driven Health Coaches who are ready to play BIG too.