How to Attract Clients By Christmas - Step #1

How to attract clients by Christmas step 1


Talk about what you do to everyone
(& ask for referrals to anyone they may know)

"I started talking about what I do to a couple of yoga students and got two new clients that day." Dominique Young -

Now is not the time to be modest. When you haven't got any clients it can feel like there's nobody out there who needs a Health Coach.

If you take a step back for a moment and remember that Health Coaching is a fairly young industry - chances are those people who need you most don't know that you exist. 

If you're spending all your time online hanging out with your peers - other Health Coaches and mindful lifestyle enthusiasts chances are you're missing out on opportunities with your ideal clients.

 Get out there and introduce yourself as a Health Coach. If you're feeling a bit daunted introducing the world to what you do, here is a script you can prepare to have at the ready next time someone says ... 'so what do you do?' ...

"I'm a Health Coach, I work with (insert target market) who struggle with (insert pain point). I help them by (insert how you serve) so that they can (insert their desired outcome)."

Once people around you can understand the sort of results you help people achieve, not only will they want to work with you but they will be much more likely to mention YOU next time they're having a conversation around health.

“I spoke about my health coaching business to a new friend who became my first client. She went on to recommend me, which led to my first group program.” 
Karen Miller -


ACTION STEP: This week I want you to work your Health Coaching into at least 5 conversations with people you know.

And be sure to celebrate your success on social media using the hashtag #clientsbychristmas

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