Hi, I'm Amanda. Let me guess...

You want to heal the world by helping people heal themselves.

Health is your #1 priority. You value it higher than anything. Wealth and Power? Not so much. They're totally secondary to you life values.

Please don’t hate me when I burst your bubble, but… you don’t need to choose between health and wealth. Raising your wealth consciousness is the key to embracing health on all levels.

In fact, I have discovered that the power of wealth and health combined creates the ultimate freedom to live a life 'on purpose'.

{Full Confession}: I can’t even think about wellness these days without including wealth in the equation.

This wasn’t always the case.

// I once sacrificed my health at the altar of corporate advertising (the price you pay for wealth, right?)

// Diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, I turned my back on the 15 year kudos-raising, cash-generating career that had depleted me physically, mentally and spiritually.

// Having immersed myself in the world of wellness I completely transformed my own health and (armed with my IIN qualification, yoga mat + green smoothie) set out on my journey as a health coach.

Seeing that I was doing so well in growing my health coaching business, I was inundated with requests from other health coaches for my business expertise.

Initially I thought: “Seriously? I don’t want to be the business coach for health coaches.”

Which really meant…

“I’m scared of stepping into my real purpose. I’m scared of activating my truest potential.”

When I went head-on into the resistance I discovered 2 things:

1) The part of my past I’d been running from (the part I’d labelled bad): advertising for the big boys like Nokia, Coca Cola and eBay, gave me the kind of business and marketing expertise that made the difference between making money to support my dream or working part-time in a health food store while taking clients on the side. It mattered.

2) Everything I'd learnt in my 15 years of award-winning online advertising career could be applied to helping health coaches step up and show up in a much happier (and more profitable) way.

Why was I doing so well as a health coach, when there were plenty of other health coaches with the same qualifications and level of experience that simply weren’t making the kind of money or having the impact they deserved?

The answer is simple.

I knew how to pitch myself like a pro.  To media. To potential clients. To everyone who had a role to play in my success (including myself).  

I was so driven by my passion, I was willing to do whatever it took to realise my dreams. Because here's the truth (I believe you can handle it!)... if you want to thrive as a health coach, I can teach you exactly how to position yourself to make an impact.

But you have to REALLY want it and be willing to do what it takes to make a real shift in the way the world currently views health.

Are you selling yourself short?

If you’re a health coach or wellness entrepreneur you’ve no doubt got a big 'why' that relates to healing the world (something bigger than you). And that’s important.

But I dare you to dig deeper, dream bigger (tell your inner critic to pipe down just for a second): What about your personal 'why'? What's in it for you? 

If you want to build a successful lifestyle business as a healer or health coach, you’ve got to give yourself full permission to answer this second why.

As women, we’re so conditioned to justify why we are doing something (to serve other people, save the world) that we barely give ourselves permission to vocalize the life we want for ourselves. Yep, just you. (Without Mother Teresa’s tick of approval).

I want to help you merge your 'why for the world' with your 'personal why'.

Both matter. Both keep you anchored.

Working with me

First we’ll bust that myth that all you need is a qualification and clients will come a’knocking on your door. Then I’ll teach you how to turn pro like you mean it.  

I’m living proof that success and financial freedom as a coach is possible.

So please, in your efforts to heal the world, don’t sacrifice your prosperity at the altar of this dream. You can have both.

Fact is: There are no lack of people struggling with their health in the world and there is no lack of money. It’s your choice to do what it takes to help them.

If you’re willing to step up and play a much bigger game, health and wealth will be synonymous for you too.

I can’t wait to help you connect the dots. Learn more here >>

Amanda x

My 'Why' Is Simple (and My Mission is BIG)


It's my mission to support wellness entrepreneurs and health coaches to get their work out into the world in a way that creates MASSIVE impact. You are included in this.

This is such important work, and I believe that more than ever before. Because our health system is broken! It is not a vitality system, and it is not working for so many of us.

I truly believe it is up to us - as the new generation of feminine leaders - to pass on the knowledge and wisdom we have learnt through our own health journeys, and often taken even further through our studies... and to get this deep support out there.

Your work is so needed right now.  It is time to show up, to serve, to share your message, and be seen. You simply cannot play small anymore. So are you with me?

BUZZ ABOUT my work

“With an enviable tribe who are loyal to her teachings, and her ability to deliver tangible results as well as inspire, Amanda stands out as the go-to expert for healthy entrepreneurs worldwide.’

— Niyc Pidgeon, Positive Psychologist and Author - ‘Now Is Your Chance’


"Amanda embodies all the qualities I associate with a great coach - confident, authentic and loving. Empowering women to live their fullest life is a subject close to my heart, and I believe Amanda's commitment to helping women step into their own highest purpose is a game changer for any woman looking to create a successful coaching business."

— Sarah Jenks - sarahjenks.com


"Amanda is leading the wellness revolution by helping wellness entrepreneurs and coaches be both abundant and successful while being of service"

 Rebecca Campbell - Light is the New Black


Amanda is a go-to guru for the new wave of healthy, wealthy entrepreneurs — sharing her abundant experience and wisdom from a big heart of pure gold.”  

—  Yvette Luciano, Founder and Author - ‘Soulpreneurs’


“I’ve known Amanda for many years and have always been so inspired by how she blends business coaching with healthy lifestyle coaching. Her work is authentic, grounded and truly supportive to women all over the world. I’m grateful to call her my biz buddy and friend, and know her work is here to inspire so many more.”

 Cassie Mendoza-Jones, Author - ‘You Are Enough’ + ‘It’s All Good’


“Amanda is a huge inspiration to women all over the worldHer work is making such a positive difference and I'm honoured that I got to share her story with my audience on my She Means Business podcast.”

— Carrie Green, Founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association