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1.     Want to kickstart your health coaching biz in 3 (video) steps – start here: http://upswingclientkickstart.com/

2.     Want to plan out your $5k months (and blast any mindsets that are blocking your success as a Health Coach)? – get settled in for this 2 hour Masterclass: Watch Now >>

3.     Want to read about how 10 new Health Coaches grew successful businesses in their first 6 month? Pull up a deck chair and relax with my book Healthy Wealthy Bizhttp://healthywealthybizbook.com/

4.     Want to see how other new coaches have applied my signature training in their own unique ways to build successful Health Coaching businesses? Pour a cuppa + join our Loungeroom Livestream: www.upswingmastermind.com/livestream-replay-video

5.    Want to see the real-deal ‘behind the scenes’ journey of health coaches who are going through the UPswing Mastermind process? Hear what they’re going through here: http://www.upswingmastermind.com/behind-the-scenes


PLUS - for regular hits of inspiration and how-to action steps, pop over to my blog: http://www.amandajdaley.com/blog